World's First Salmon Vending Machine

This vending machine sells salmon and operates 24-hours
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Strange but true, this vending machine (or interchangeably, ATM) sells salmon and operates 24 hours. The world's first salmon vending machine was launched in January 2019 at the Wisteria shopping mall in Yishun area, Singapore. This machine does not issue money or gold, but frozen salmon or 200 gram frozen salmon imported directly from Norway.

World’s first salmon ATM, Singapore /
World’s first salmon ATM, Singapore / Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd

Manish Kumar, founder and CEO of Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd, has a desire to make salmon available and affordable for all. By cutting labor costs and the distribution chain, he was able to sell frozen salmon for as low as SGD 5.90. In this salmon ATM, the salmon is frozen below -4°F or -20°C to keep the fish fresh.

Currently there are more than 70 salmon ATMs operating 24 hours in various locations in Singapore: commercial areas, condominiums, residential and suburbs. For payment, at this time the salmon ATM does not accept cash and only through debit/credit cards.

Video of Salmon ATM
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