What is Pilots’ Salary? From Beginner to Senior

Pilot is one of the most popular professions because of the attractive salary.
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Piloting is one of the most sought-after professions due to its attractive salary. But, what is the actual salary earned by pilots from beginners to seniors?

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How Much is a Pilot's Salary?

Pilot salaries in Indonesia are considered one of the highest salaries. However, pilot salaries are affected by the airline, flight hours, and position held. Based on these factors, pilot salaries vary from rookie to senior pilots.

The salary of a Pilot based on their career level.

The salary of pilots in Indonesia varies depending on the career level and the airline where the pilot works. There are three career levels in the profession of pilot, namely Second Officer, First Officer, and Captain or Commander, with different salaries.

1. Second Officer: Rp15-20 million per month

Second Officer is a career level for newly graduated pilots who are only allowed to fly small aircraft with a captain. The salary received for this position ranges from Rp15-20 million per month.

2. First Officer: Rp30-40 million per month

The career level for pilots after Second Officer is First Officer (FO) who is tasked with flying the aircraft with the supervision of the commander or flight captain. FO salaries usually range from Rp 30-40 million per month.

3. Captain: above Rp40 million per month

A pilot with the highest rank, Captain, has the task of supervising the co-pilot and being responsible for everything that happens during the flight. The monthly salary for the captain's position is quite high, above Rp40 million per month.

Airline determines the salary of the pilot.

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The monthly salary of a pilot is influenced by their career level and the airline they work for, with different salaries based on the airline.

Garuda Indonesia

The total income of a beginner pilot at Garuda Indonesia according to 2018 data is around Rp60 million per month, which can continue to increase according to their flight hours. Senior Garuda pilots can earn up to Rp100-150 million per month.


Citilink airline offers a monthly pilot salary ranging from Rp15-20 million for a junior pilot position, and will continue to increase according to experience and career level.

Lion Air

Lion Air pilots will receive a salary of around Rp45 million per month. However, the salary can change according to the performance of the pilot in question.

Sriwijaya Air

Sriwijaya airline offers attractive pilot salaries, starting from Rp50 million per month which will increase according to their flight hours, as well as other attractive facilities.

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