Warung Kopi Gunung: Hidden Gems Cafe in Bandung

To gather more details about visiting Warung Kopi Gunung, refer to the information below!
27 Feb 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Warung Kopi Gunung — Bandung boasts several exciting destinations for those seeking a unique place to unwind and relish the breathtaking natural surroundings. This city is renowned for its delightful pine forests that offer a calming and natural ambiance.

If you're still unsure where to spend your weekend, consider dropping by Warung Kopi Gunung, which can be found in two locations: Ciwidey and Lembang. This cafe invites you to connect with nature while savoring a cup of coffee.

Warung Kopi Gunung is a family-friendly cafe in Bandung, complete with a spacious outdoor area and several fascinating points of interest. If you're intrigued by the idea of visiting Warung Kopi Gunung, have a look at the information provided below!


Warung Kopi Gunung / @ziegina
Warung Kopi Gunung / @ziegina


The following are some of the facilities at Warung Kopi Gunung:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Indoor Area
  • Smoking Areas
  • Spot Photos


Warung Kopi Gunung / @derapnzl
Warung Kopi Gunung / @derapnzl
Warung Kopi Gunung / @christazevannya
Warung Kopi Gunung / @christazevannya
Warung Kopi Gunung / @reni_r.k
Warung Kopi Gunung / @reni_r.k
Warung Kopi Gunung / @christazevannya
Warung Kopi Gunung / @christazevannya

Menu list

What's on the menu at Warung Kopi Gunung? Here's more information!

Indonesian Food

  • Nasi Liwet: 49K
  • Black Pepper Beef Rice: 55K
  • Teriyaki Chicken Rice: 45K
  • Chicken Soto Rice: 38K
  • Sambal Matah Chicken: 39K
  • Ayam Penyet: 41K
  • Basil Chicken: 44K
  • Kampung Fried Rice: 37K
  • Cikur Fried Rice: 37K
  • Grilled/Fried/Greet Oxtail: 85K
  • Grilled/Fried/Greet Ribs: 83K
  • Penyet Duck: 55K
  • Sun Duck: 54K


  • Spaghetti Carbonara: 35K
  • Spaghetti Aglioolio: 35K


  • Grilled Glutinous Rice: 15K
  • Grilled Corn: 15K


  • Tempe Mendoan: 28K
  • Cheese Fried Banana: 25K
  • Sand Fried Banana: 25K
  • Salt Pepper Tofu: 25K
  • Rujak Seasoning Cireng: 25K
  • Smoked Beef Risoles: 23K
  • Ragout Risoles: 23K
  • Aroma Cheese: 23K
  • French Fries: 22K
  • Cassava Cheese: 27K
  • Fried Knead: 25K


  • Espressos: 20K
  • Americano: 20K-21K
  • Cappuccino: 25K-26K
  • Caffe Latte: 25K-26K
  • Creme Brulle Latte: 32.5K
  • Brewed Coffee: 18K-25K
  • Affogato: 27K
  • Chocolate: 20K-21K
  • Matcha: 20K-21K
  • Taro: 20K-21K
  • Milk Tea: 20K-21K
  • Lemon Tea: 18K-20K

Opening hours

The operating hours of Warung Kopi Gunung are from 10.00-21.00, seven days a week. That concludes our review of a cafe nestled amidst the pine forests of Bandung. Does it pique your interest to pay a visit?

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