Visual Space: Self Photo Room Service in Yogyakarta

Curious about Visual Space and also the pricelist of the service? Check out more information below!
22 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Living Coral / visualspace.yogyakarta
Living Coral / visualspace.yogyakarta

Are you looking for a self-photo room in Yogyakarta? It's time for you to visit Visual Space. This place offers various facilities for photos with friends, family, or alone with a contemporary and cool room concept.

You can use various outfit concepts to suit the room here.

Visual Space Jogja is known for its very cool self-photo room and is guaranteed to be instagrammable!

Curious about Visual Space and also the price of the service? Check out more information below!



Rustic Studio / visualspace.yogyakarta
Rustic Studio / visualspace.yogyakarta

Visual Space has a wide selection of room concepts you can try with friends or a partner. Here is the idea of the room here:

Living Coral

This type of theme is suitable for those who want to take pictures with an all-pink-coral atmosphere with pastel-colored decorations.

Pop Liquid

Pop Liquid is one of the most popular concepts for visitors because the colors tend to be abstract and neutral.

Pink Pool

The Pink Pool is also suitable for those who want to take pictures with the ball pool filled with pink-pink colors.


Rustic Studio

Rustic Studio is suitable for those who like brown-nude to earth tones.

Photo Pricelist

Photo Studio

  • Personal: IDR 35,000/person (12 take photos)
  • Duo: IDR 30,000/person (15 take photos)
  • Group IDR 25,000/person (20 take photos)
  • (Additional) Children: IDR 15,000/child


  • Basic: IDR 1,000,000 (concept, 2 costumes, 2 hours, 30 photo editing)
  • Additional 1 hour: IDR 300,000
  • Additional 1 minute Video: IDR 700,000

Self Photo room

  • Package 1: IDR 30,000/person
    • Free all original files
    • Free templates
    • Free 1 print 4R
    • 10 minutes photo duration
  • Additional Print: IDR 15.000/2 prints 4R


  • Personal: IDR 50,000 (12 take photos)
  • Duo: IDR 45,000/person (15 take photos)
  • Group: IDR 30,000/person (20 take photos)
  • Additional Children: IDR 15,000

Opening hours

Visual Space Yogyakarta is open every day from 13.00-21.00. Are you interested in visiting Visual Space?

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