Toya Devasya in Bali: Perfect for Your Pampering Day!

Toya Devasya has the largest and most complete hot spring park in Bali
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Bali is an international tourist destination that offers tourists a variety of exciting activities. After doing several activities in Bali, it's incomplete if you don't reward yourself with a relaxing, pampering day. Places that can be visited by tourists are Toya Devasya, Bali, and Indonesia. Toya Devasya has the largest and most complete hot spring park in Bali. With various water games and quality facilities, Toya Devasya offers the perfect family recreation for children and adults.


Toya Devasya
Toya Devasya

Prices and Facilities

Toya Devasya
Toya Devasya
Toya Devasya
Toya Devasya

Toya Devasya Natural Hot Springs has eight natural hot springs and one Olympic-sized heated pool. Heated deep within the earth, the colorless and odorless hot springs' minerals carry healing powers. Visitors can take a leisurely swim after an adventurous day with hiking, canoeing, or cycling to relieve sore muscles and just a simple getaway to enjoy the majestic panoramas.

The following are the facilities obtained when visiting Toya Devasya:

  • 8 hot spring pools
  • 1 hot spring pool
  • Waterboom
  • Toiletries such as soap/shampoo, towels, and lockers

The following are price details for visiting Toya Devasya Hot Spring:

  • International Tourists
    • Adults ⇒ IDR 270,000
    • Children ⇒ IDR 180,000
  • Indonesian citizens
    • Adults ⇒ IDR 90,000
    • Children ⇒ IDR 60,000

Opening hours

The Toya Devasya opening hours for the hot spring pool are Monday to Friday from 08.00 – 18.00 WITA (Indonesian Central Time). The Toya Devasya hot spring is open from 07.00 – 19.00 WITA (Indonesian Central Time) on Saturday and Sunday. The following explains Toya Devasya. Are you interested in visiting this place?

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