Visiting Rare Flowers in Edelweiss Park, Wonokitri Village

You can get real Javanese Edelweiss flowers here
7 Jul 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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The specimen Anaphalis javanica or better known as Javanese Edelweiss is an endemic plant of Indonesia that has been protected since 1990. You are prohibited from picking this flower if you find it in nature.

This unique flower only grows in the mountains and is becoming rare because it is widely used in traditional ceremonies and souvenirs for travelers. This flower was declared extinct in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in 1989.

Javanese edelweiss or Eternal Flower, flowers can bloom for 10 years /
Javanese edelweiss or Eternal Flower, flowers can bloom for 10 years / wikipedia

Now, you can find this rare flower in the Edelweiss park of Wonokitri village. This tourist attraction has received permission from the Ministry of the Environment to legally preserve and sell Javanese Edelweiss flowers.


In addition to finding rare flowers, you can also relax and enjoy the foggy view of Mount Bromo in this place. The facilities are pretty good for relaxing and the price is very friendly.


  • Edelweiss flower seed souvenirs
  • Edelweiss flower garden and nursery area
  • Cafe
  • Toilet and prayer room

Price of admission

Entrance ticket for IDR 10,000 includes a coffee/tea voucher.

Opening hours

Edelweiss Park opens at 10am - 5pm.

Foggy atmosphere /
Foggy atmosphere / hulun_hyang
Edelweiss nursery /
Edelweiss nursery / hulun_hyang

Tips before visiting

  • You should avoid crowded times to not be crammed with crowds because this tourist site is not too big. This place is busiest on Sundays.
  • Because in mountainous areas, the air in this place is quite cold and it often rains. So prepare a jacket and umbrella before leaving.
  • You don't have to worry about walking far uphill to get to the location, because this place is quite easily accessible by car.

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