Try The Famous Indomie at Munggur Minang in Yogyakarta

Indomie Munggur Minang is the perfect place to go for the spicy lovers in Yogyakarta!
28 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Indomie Kuah Minang di Munggur Minang /
Indomie Kuah Minang di Munggur Minang / javafoodie

Munggur Minang is a Padang food stall in Yogyakarta open every day at night. This restaurant is getting more popular since many people like its Indomie Munggur Minang menu, which is very tasty and rich in spices. This Indomie is made with the addition of typical Minang spices, making the taste of this Indomie even spicier.

At first glance, Indomie Munggur Minang is almost similar to Mie Dok Dok or Mie Nyemek, the only difference being the spices used.

The following is information and the latest menu prices at Munggur Minang Yogyakarta!


Pricelist, Menu and Opening Hours

Pricelist at Munggur Minang /
Pricelist at Munggur Minang / jogjafood

The menu price at Munggur Minang itself is very affordable. To try Indomie Munggur Minang it is only priced starting from IDR 10,000 for a complete serving with additional eggs and other vegetables,

Another menu that is also famous in this place is the Bandrek Telor drink and its very delicious milk. Bandrek is a drink with a mixture of various spices and gives a warm feeling to the body.

Munggur Minang's opening hours start at 18.00-02.00 daily. What menu would you like to try at Munggur Minang?

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