Travel to Nane Selayar Hill, Beautiful like Labuan Bajo!

Interested in visiting Nane Selayar Hill? Check out more information below!
13 Jul 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Nane Selayar Hill /
Nane Selayar Hill / @rickykukeko

Selayar is an archipelago that has a variety of stunning natural tourist destinations that you must visit.

One of them is Nane Selayar Hill which is located on Polassi Island and offers beautiful savanna hills with views of the open sea.

This place is still rarely known by many people, so there are still not too many activities that you can do here.

Nane Selayar Hill is suitable for those of you who have an adventurous spirit and like to explore the beauty of Indonesia.

Interested in visiting Nane Selayar Hill? Check out more information below!



Nane Selayar Hill /
Nane Selayar Hill / @aqqiq_abd

The stunning charm of Nane Selayar is that the beauty of the hill that stretches in the middle of the blue ocean is a favorite place for photo hunting to camping.

Many tourists call Nane Selayar Hill almost similar to Labuan Bajo which is also known for its savanna hills.

Nane Selayar Hill is a favorite prewedding place because of its beautiful and natural scenery.

When visiting Nane Selayar Hill, make sure to wear comfortable clothes because the roads are quite steep and the weather tends to be hot.

How to get to Bukit Nane Selayar

To get to that location, starting from Pamatata Seaport to Benteng City, it takes about 20 Kilometers by looking directly at the sea view in Selayar. From Nane Hill Fortress City, which is located on Polassi Island, Bontosikuyu District, can be accessed by boat for 2-3 hours. One boat can be rented for IDR 150,000/person for one travel package.

Entrance Ticket Price

The entrance ticket price to Nane Selayar Hill is not subject to any retribution fees. You only need to spend money on transportation costs to this island.

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