Mandeh Tourism Area, Bay in the South of Padang City

Enjoy the beauty of the bay and islands in the “Raja Ampat” of West Sumatra
8 Jul 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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The Mandeh Tourism Area is a bay area in the south of the province of West Sumatra, 56 km from the city of Padang. This area is famous for its natural beauty and is touted as the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra. The tourist area includes the coastal bay area and several islands that can be visited, namely Sironjong Ketek Island, Sironjong Gadang Island, Satan Island, Cubadak Island and Mandeh Island.

Mandeh Bay /
Mandeh Bay / raditya.anantama

Activities in the Mandeh Tourism, Area

The Mandeh tourism area has beautiful views along the coast. You can also find diving locations in the bay of Mandeh and in the islands. Those of you who like water sports can rent a jet ski and banana boat here.

Vacationing to this place is not perfect without exploring the unique places that are the main attraction of Mandeh tourism. Here are some locations in the Mandeh area that you should visit.

Location of attractions in the Mandeh Tourism Area

  • Mandeh peak / Paku peak, Instagrammable Spot with Mandeh Bay as the background from above
  • Ameh hills, hills with unique contours
  • Cubadak Island, location of seaside resorts and diving
Mandeh peak /
Mandeh peak / dailyhijabtraveller
Bukik ameh /
Bukik ameh / udahanafii
Resort in Cubadak island /
Resort in Cubadak island / adipatifozan
  • Taluak Sikulo, a beach with beautiful rock formations
  • Sironjong Ketek Island, famous for its exciting jumping spots
Coral Rock Formation in Taluak Sikulo /
Coral Rock Formation in Taluak Sikulo / pesona_wisata_batu_kalang
Jump to the sea, Sironjong Ketek /
Jump to the sea, Sironjong Ketek / ota_lapau
Diving near Mandeh Island /
Diving near Mandeh Island / sero_holidays

Hotel in route Padang - Mandeh

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