Taking a Tour to Toraja Ollon Hill South Sulawesi

Enjoying the beauty and the vast expanse of the valley and the hills. Looks like Switzerland!
16 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Ollon Hill /
Ollon Hill / yusna eda

Toraja is one of the regions in Indonesia which is known for its traditional culture as well as its diverse and beautiful tourism. The mandatory destination when visiting Toraja is the Ollon Hill, also popularly known as the Ollon Valley.

This tour offers an expanse of views of the valley and hills that are very beautiful and look like Switzerland. Here is a full review of Ollon Hill in Toraja!


If you are in the center of the Tana Toraja district, you can take a 2-hour trip using a car or motorcycle to get to this tourist attraction.

View on Ollon Hill

Rivers Around Ollon Hill /
Rivers Around Ollon Hill / yusna eda
Ollon Hill  /
Ollon Hill / amir.mayana

At Ollon Hill, you can do various activities with family and friends, one of which is a picnic or relaxing while enjoying the scenery here.

Ollon Hill  /
Ollon Hill / amir.mayana

If you're lucky, you'll find horses grazing here. The best time to visit Ollon Hill is in the morning, starting at 06.00-10.00, due to during the day the weather will be very hot and scorching.

Popular Hotels in Toraja

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