8 Things Not to Do in Tokyo You Should Know Before Traveling to Japan

There are 8 rules in Japan that tourists shouldn't break. Here is the list!
6 Oct 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash

Japan is a developed country that has high discipline in many ways. This culture makes Japan is one of the cleanest in the world because every citizen is obedient and follows all the rules. Well, for those of you who are planning to go on vacation for the first time to Japan, there are 8 rules in Japan that tourists should not break. Here's the list!

1. Duration of Eating Too Long

Time is precious, especially for the people of Tokyo, Japan. There is a rule in Japan that limits your visiting hours at each restaurant. The maximum duration of your meal at the restaurant is only 3 hours. This is because many shops in the Tokyo area have limited tables and require visitors to hurry to finish their food.

2. Too Many Requests when Ordering Food

Another rule that applies in Japan is that visitors, as much as possible, avoid adding specific notes or requests to the food to be ordered. This is because the language barrier and the recipes used cannot be changed again. Therefore, you must be more observant in choosing a restaurant that suits your wishes and your allergy.

3. Don't Give Tips

The culture of tipping is certainly popular all over the world. In Japan, this is prohibited, as all fees will be included in your bill. So, no need to bother giving cash to restaurant servers or other jobs because it will be listed on your bill starting from tax to service charge.

4. Talking Loud on the Train

When you use rail transportation in Japan, try not to speak too loudly. This also applies to your phone's volume; don't let it sound too loud while on the train because it will disturb other people.

5. Taking Pictures Without Permission

You may not take pictures of anyone without their permission. Japan is a country that respects the privacy of its citizens. You, as a tourist, should also know this before traveling to Japan. If you want to take a picture of someone, ensure that person has given you permission.

6. Wearing Shoes at Home

The following rule that should not be violated in Japan is wearing shoes when entering the house. This tradition is undoubtedly familiar to the people of Asia, who all have almost the same rules. This rule also applies to visiting shrine sites and the like in Japan.

7. Covering the Escalator Path

In Japan, the left side of the escalator is used for you to stand, and the right side is used for walking for those who want to speed up time. So, don't let you block the right path of the escalator, especially in shopping centers, train stations, and other public spaces.

8. No Eating While Walking

Anyone is forbidden to eat while walking in Japan. This is because of the culture and traditions that exist in this country. Some consider eating while walking to be messy and impolite, let alone a hassle. We recommend you find a seat or bench nearby to finish your meal.

That's 8 rules in Japan that should not be broken. Make sure you always respect and follow the traditions and culture of each country.

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