The Sayidan Gothic Church: History and The Latest Facts

Curious about the history of the Sayidan Gothic Church? Here's the information for you!
5 Oct 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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The Sayidan Gothic Church / @dombadombaallah
The Sayidan Gothic Church / @dombadombaallah

You must be familiar with the Sayidan area in Yogyakarta. In this place, you can see various cultural and historical tours that are fun to explore. One of the iconic buildings in Sayidan is the Gothic Church which has stood firm for decades. Many tourists are made curious because the architecture of the building is very unique and striking from other facilities.

Curious about the history of the Sayidan Gothic Church? Here's the information for you!


The Sayidan Gothic Church Prawirodirjan, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta


Sayidan Gothic Church is a church-like building with Gothic architecture located in Sayidan Village, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta. This place is not a church but a residential house owned by Esther Widyo Wanandyo, the wife of R. Petrus Haryono, a batik craftsman from Yogyakarta. The building was built in 1979 as a conventional house and restored to its current form in 1986.

Facts About Sayidan Gothic Church

The Sayidan Gothic Church / @_kiyer
The Sayidan Gothic Church / @_kiyer

An Empty House

The last Sayidan Gothic Church was occupied by the mother of the Haryonagoro family. Because the owner's mother died, this house finally became empty and was never inhabited by the owner's family. Currently, the Sayidan Gothic Church looks scary because it has never been taken care of by the owner and has become abandoned. The building, which has a classical European nuance, also gives a vague impression to anyone who sees it.

Often Used for Photo Hunting

Behind the spooky nuances in the Sayidan Gothic Church, many young people nowadays make this place a photo hunting spot, either for commercial or just a hobby. Its unique building makes it not look like you are in Yogyakarta but like a church or cathedral in Europe.

The House of Nobles in the Old Age

Did you know that the owner of the Sayidan Gothic Church is still part of the royal family of the Yogyakarta Palace? This family is a respected family where 4 of them are pretty well known, namely:

  1. dr Samuel J Haryono SpB, K Onk., a researcher in the health sector who is also a doctor at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta.
  1. KMT Prodjo Haryono is a courtier of Kparajan Gunungkidul. His name was once written on the nameplate on the fence of Sayidan's Gothic house.
  1. KRT Daud Wiryo Hadinagoro is the owner of a well-known batik brand in foreign countries. One of his galleries is in the city of Milan and Singapore.
  1. KRT Thomas Haryonagoro is a cultural expert and Director of the Haryono family's Ullen Sentalu Museum.

This is a review of the Sayidan Gothic Church. Hopefully, it will be helpful!

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