The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in 2022
The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in 2022
After analyzing hundreds of places in various categories, here are the most Instagrammable locations
22 Apr 2022

With the world of travel and sightseeing now mostly back to normal, many of us are once again planning vacations and long trips for some much-needed rest, relaxation and escape. To help inspire those of us with a strong wanderlust, has created the Instagram 2022 Travel Guide.

After viewing and analyzing hundreds of places across various categories, found the most Instagrammable locations for each type of traveler. From luxury hotels to epic views of the world's best national parks, here are the top travel destinations for 2022.


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After taking a look at some of the world's most luxurious hotels to see which hotels get the most snaps on Instagram, The Burj Al Arab hotel is the most featured hotel on Instagram with 2.55 million posts! This sail-shaped tower features an impressive figure as it is on its own island, giving guests fantastic views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf.

Tourist spot

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For the tourists among us, knowing which sights to include in your trip is an important decision. It turns out that the tourist spot that we most often see on Instagram is Central Park in New York, even though the Eiffel Tower is not far behind.

City skyline

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An often overlooked sight is the city skyline. Each skyline is unique in its location, made up of the various landmarks, offices, and tower blocks that make up the city as a whole. New York City tops the list as the most Instagrammable skyline, with over half a million posts. Home to some of the world's most iconic structures, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, it's no wonder the city skyline is a popular photo.


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Theater is basically a venue for spectacles and events designed to give the audience a truly unforgettable experience. This is often reflected in their architecture and interior design, making them some of the most beautiful buildings to behold.

The most prominent theater on Instagram is the world-famous Sydney Opera House, whose striking design makes it one of the most famous buildings in the world. Regardless of whether you are a theater goer or an opera fan, enjoying the views of the opera house should be on the agenda of every visiting tourist.


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Cities and tourist attractions are sometimes too often we see, and many of us want nothing more from our vacations than sun, sea and sand. Beaches can also be some of the most beautiful locations in the world, making them a very popular location for some Instagram vacation photos. The beach with the most instagram posts is Miami Beach in Florida, famous for its white sand and great weather, not to mention the array of restaurants and coffee shops nearby when you finally step away from the ocean.

National Parks and Nature

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For nature enthusiasts and the outdoorsy type, national parks make fantastic tourist destinations rich with incredible views, native wildlife and activities for the whole family. From stunning waterfalls to towering mountains and pristine wilderness, national parks are ideal for anyone who wants a complete change from their busy everyday lives.

The most popular national park on Instagram is Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, home to the enormous and eponymous Grand Canyon that stretches for 277 miles. The large scars in this landscape are stunning to look at and contain many interesting geological features, making them a great place to take some unforgettable vacation photos.


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