The Giant Picnic Basket Building in Newark, Ohio

Previously this building was the headquarters of the Longaberger Company, the now-defunct basket-making company.
5 Apr 2022
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The Longaberger Basket Building is an office building shaped like a giant picnic basket. This unique building opened in 1997, has seven floors and can accommodate up to 500 people. The basket handle weighs nearly 150 tons and is heated to prevent frost damage during winter. At the very top of the building is a gold label that reads Longaberger, measuring 7.6 x 2.1 meters and weighing 725 kg, similar to the one in the original basket.

Longaberger Basket Building /
Longaberger Basket Building / Adam Schweigert

Unfortunately due to the declining sales of picnic baskets, the Longaberger company was acquired in 2013 by CVSL, and closed in 2018. In 2019, Xcel Brands acquired the intellectual property and relaunched the Longaberger basket product.

In December 2017, the building was purchased by Steve Coon, a developer from Canton, Ohio. In 2019, Steve Coon announced plans to turn the building into a luxury hotel but these plans were eventually scrapped.

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