Thai Airways Offers 1-Day Experience of Being a Flight Attendant
Thai Airways launches “Be Our Guest Be Our Crew” program
23 Sep 2020

Thai Airways launched the Be Our Guest Be Our Crew program, which is open to the public. The airline, which is 51 percent owned by the Thai government, invites the public to become flight attendants for a day at the Thai Flight Training Academy.

Thai Airways flight attendants / 
Thai Airways flight attendants / Thai Flight Training Academy

This TBD 2,900 (around IDR 1.4 million) program is a four-hour crash course on becoming a cabin crew.

Trainees will learn how to wear the airline's signature uniform, style their hair and carry out cabin crew duties including:

  • Greeting passengers
  • Flight safety demonstration
  • Serving food in business class.

This training was carried out in a mockup of the cabin of an Airbus A380 aircraft.

The airline also offers other programs besides being a flight attendant

  • Four days of pilot training (THB 19,900 or IDR 9.4 million)
  • One and a half day safety training (THB 5,500 or IDR 2.6 million)
  • One day cooking training (THB 5,500 or IDR 2.6 million)