7 Enchanting Beauty of Tengtung Hill in Baturraden

Wondering what's on Tengtung Baturraden Hill? Check out the details below for more information!
20 Feb 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Tengtung Hill in Baturraden — Purwokerto, a city located in the Central Java region, boasts stunning natural beauty and offers tourists a unique and exciting experience. From magnificent mountains to exotic waterfalls, Purwokerto has various natural attractions that are worth visiting.

In this article, we will introduce several natural attractions in Purwokerto that can serve as a reference for your vacation planning. One of the must-visit locations is Bukit Tengtung Baturraden, which is famous for its numerous attractions that leave tourists wanting to return. What does Tengtung Baturraden Hill offer? Read on to find out!

1. Baturraden's Tengtung Hill is the perfect spot to enjoy a clearer view of Mount Slamet.

Tengtung Hill  / @dhewy_kecil
Tengtung Hill / @dhewy_kecil

2. Tengtung Hill in Baturraden offers a variety of exciting activities such as camping, photo hunting, and picnicking.

Tengtung Hill  / @dimas_nf04
Tengtung Hill / @dimas_nf04

3. At Tengtung Baturraden Hill, there are several fascinating spots that are perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy pictures.

Tengtung Hill  / @intanpppp__
Tengtung Hill / @intanpppp__

4. The ideal time to visit Tengtung Hill is in the morning when you can witness a breathtaking view of Mount Slamet.

Tengtung Hill  / @imam_elsatria
Tengtung Hill / @imam_elsatria

5. The current entrance fee for visitors to Tengtung Hill is IDR 10,000 per person.

Tengtung Hill  / @intanpppp__
Tengtung Hill / @intanpppp__

6. Baturraden's Tengtung Hill also features a cafe area with a rooftop that offers a variety of tasty and affordable menus.

Tengtung Hill  / @tepijurang.id
Tengtung Hill / @tepijurang.id

7. Tengtung Hill in Baturraden is a perfect destination for family vacations or for those who wish to spend their honeymoon in Purwokerto.

Tengtung Hill  / @bukittengtungbaturraden
Tengtung Hill / @bukittengtungbaturraden

Those are 7 snapshots showcase the beauty of Tengtung Hill in Purwokerto. Make sure to add it to your travel itinerary!

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