Tanah Ampo Pier: All You Need to Know Before Visiting!

Tanah Ampo Pier is one that you must visit while in Bali.
18 Oct 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
Tanah Ampo Pier / @dwicreative
Tanah Ampo Pier / @dwicreative

Besides being known for its various natural tourist destinations, Bali always had a charm that is always fun to explore. Tanah Ampo Pier is one that you must visit while in Bali. In this place, you can see the view of the vast blue sea, and the sound of the waves constantly heard around the pier.

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The following are some of the facilities that you can find at Tanah Ampo Pier:

  • Parking area
  • Public toilet
  • Mosque
  • Restaurant
  • Spot Photos


Tanah Ampo Pier / @karangadiprana
Tanah Ampo Pier / @karangadiprana
Tanah Ampo Pier / @karangadiprana
Tanah Ampo Pier / @karangadiprana

The Tanah Ampo Pier was initially built as a cruise ship pier, but unfortunately, the work has only been completed now and is only used as a tourist spot by the Balinese. You can see beautiful sunrise views from the pier area or take a leisurely walk while enjoying the stunning beach atmosphere.

Many tourists make Tanah Ampo Pier a place to do both commercial and pre-wedding photoshoots. You can also use various themes for pre-wedding, both casual and thematic.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Tanah Ampo Pier / @auradewi_aura
Tanah Ampo Pier / @auradewi_aura

To enter the Tanah Ampo Pier, visitors are not charged an entrance fee. However, you have to pay for vehicle parking IDR 2,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars.

The Tanah Ampo Pier is open daily for 24 hours. The best time to visit this tourist spot is 06.30-17.00 to see the scenery more clearly. Thus a review of the Tanah Ampo Pier. Remember to add this tourist destination to your itinerary while in Bali!

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