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To gain a deeper understanding of Over The Horizon Resto, please continue reading the following information.
24 Feb 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Over Horizon Resto — Semarang, a city located in Indonesia, is abundant in cultural and historical heritage. Additionally, Semarang boasts a wide range of culinary options, including popular cafes that have gained popularity. These cafes offer a cozy and photogenic ambiance, as well as delectable food and beverages.

Over Horizon Resto, a newly established restaurant in Semarang, is renowned for its stunning rooftop area. The rooftop offers an exotic view of Semarang City and the lush green golf course surrounding the restaurant. To learn more about Over The Horizon Resto, continue reading the following information.


Over Horizon / @catatancafe.id
Over Horizon / @catatancafe.id


The following are some of the facilities available at Over Horizon Resto:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Spot Photos


Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg
Over Horizon / @overhorizon.srg

Menu list

What are the available menus and their corresponding prices at Over Horizon Resto Semarang? Below are the most recent menu prices.


  • Baby Corn Bolognese: 22K
  • Balado Onion Ring: 23K
  • Siomay OH: 27K
  • Smoked Beef Resoles: 27K
  • Fred Bananas: 26K
  • Basil Chicken Nachos: 38K
  • Calamary Salsa Dabu: 35K
  • Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas: 37K
  • Chicken Wings Honey OH: 35K
  • Chicken Wings Masala: 35K
  • Fish Finger Rica-Rica: 33K
  • French Fries Truffle Coating: 32K
  • Gorengan Mix Platter: 41K
  • OH Special Platter: 60K
  • Cireng Bumbu Rujak: 22K
  • Bakso Samyang: 30K
  • Singkong Keju: 22K
  • Tahu Cabe Garam: 25K


  • Creamy OH Pizza: 58K
  • Maniac Cheese Pizza: 55K
  • Sausage & Truffle Pizza: 65K


  • Huzarensla: 30K
  • OH Caesar Salad: 33K
  • Selada Pengantin: 25K
  • Tahu Bratwurst Salad: 38K
  • Tuna Potato Salad: 34K


  • Bebek Sambal Ijo: 41K
  • Beef Bolognese: 39K
  • Lamb Kebuli: 42K
  • Milkfish Aglio Olio: 37K
  • Rendang Ayam: 37K
  • Rendang Sapi: 42K
  • Sate Madura: 36K
  • Smoked Carbonara: 40K
  • Tuna Matah: 40K
  • Chicken Matah: 36K

Classic Coffee

  • Americano: 25K
  • Affogato: 28K
  • Capuccino: 30K
  • Caramel Latte: 35K
  • Coffee Latte: 30K
  • Espresso One Shot: 10K
  • Flate White: 30K
  • Hazelnut Latte: 35K
  • Long Black: 25K
  • Moccacino: 35K
  • Vanilla Latte: 35K

Signature Beverage

  • Cascara Coffee: 35K
  • Es Kobar: 18K
  • Frasty Negra: 28K
  • Kopi Susu OH: 24K
  • Negroni Coffee: 28K
  • Summer Kiss: 30K
  • Beer Pletok (Hot/Ice): 25K
  • Ice Bajigur (Hot/Ice): 32K
  • Ice Klepon: 32K
  • Ice Pisang Ijo: 28K


  • Citrus Cooler: 30K
  • Love of Blast: 32K
  • Oracle Purple: 29K
  • Rhymes Sensational: 35K
  • The Poseidon: 30K
  • Tropical Flowers: 32K
  • Ultimate Mojito: 28K

Classic Tea

  • Lemon Tea: 22K
  • Lychee Tea: 22K
  • Strawberry Tea: 22K
  • Reguler Tea: 15K

Artisan Tea

  • Butterfly Pea Tea: 25K
  • Chamomile: 25K
  • Earl Grey Tea: 25K
  • Jasmine Princess: 18K
  • Lovely Lady: 35K
  • Rhymes of Roses: 35K

Opening hours

Over Horizon Resto's operating hours are from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily. The ideal time to visit would be in the afternoon, as it offers an opportunity to witness the stunning sunset view from the rooftop area.

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