Suraloka Zoo: New Tourist Attraction in Yogyakarta That You Must Visit!

If you want to visit Suraloka Zoo, check out the latest information here!
10 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Suraloka Zoo /
Suraloka Zoo / @fikriyahasad

Suraloka Zoo is a new educational tourist spot in Yogyakarta. This place was just released on December 25, 2021, ago. This tourist spot offers a variety of recreational rides ranging from a mini zoo, flying fox, trains, and various other educational rides.

Suraloka Zoo is located in Kaliurang with a calm and comfortable atmosphere for a vacation with family and children.

If you want to visit Suraloka Zoo, check out the latest information here!

Suraloka Zoo Location

The route that can be taken to arrive at Suraloka Zoo is through the west portal of Kaliurang, which is near the Mount Merapi Museum. Suraloka Zoo is located opposite Hotel Griya Persada Kaliurang.

Parking Rates at Suraloka Zoo

  • Motorcycle/Bike = IDR 3,000
  • Car = IDR 5,000
  • HiAce/Elf = IDR 15,000
  • Minibus = IDR 20,000
  • Medium bus = IDR 25,000
  • Big bus = IDR 30.000

Opening Hours

Suraloka Zoo is open every day, starting from 09.00 AM to 16.00 PM

Entrance Ticket Price

High Ropes at Suraloka Zoo /
High Ropes at Suraloka Zoo / @asharihason

The ticket price at Suraloka Zoo itself is affordable for a vacation with family and children.

  • Entrance ticket price: IDR 30,000.
  • Children under 1 year can enter for free.

In addition, you can also buy a pass with packages that are already available at Suraloka Zoo.

Rides Package at Suraloka Zoo

  • Package 1 (entrance ticket, Rabbit Area, Thomas Train, bonus AR Interactive Game) = IDR 55,000
  • Package 2 (entrance ticket, High Rope, Flying Fox, bonus photo with Iguana) = IDR 80,000
  • Package 3 (entrance ticket, Thomas Train, High Rope, Flying Fox, Bird Photo Spot, Playground, bonus Interactive AR Game) = IDR 150,000

Rides at Suraloka Zoo

Flying Fox at Suraloka Zoo /
Flying Fox at Suraloka Zoo / @asharihason

Suraloka Zoo has many fun rides and trains children's naturalist intelligence. Individuals with high naturalist intelligence will have a high interest and love for plants, animals, and the universe.

  • Net & Wall Climbing = Free
  • Pigeon Area = Free
  • Rabbit Area = IDR 10,000
  • Bird Photo Spot = IDR 10,000
  • Iguana Photo Spot = IDR 10,000
  • Thomas Train = IDR 15,000
  • Interactive Augmented Reality Game = IDR 25,000
  • High Rope = IDR 20,000
  • Flying Fox = IDR 30,000
  • Sandel Horse = IDR 30,000
  • Pony = IDR 50,000
  • Indoor Playground = IDR 40,000 (plus IDR 10,000 if you don't wear socks)

Children can interact directly with some animals there, for example, by feeding them. Suraloka Zoo provides a variety of pet food for only IDR 5,000.

Resto & Cafe at Suraloka Zoo

At Suraloka Zoo, there are various food and beverage outlets that you can try while visiting. But keep in mind that visitors cannot bring food or drinks from outside.

Suraloka Zoo provides various food stands such as Geprek Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Grilled Chicken, and other menus. In addition, there are also several other outlets, such as popcorn, burger, and corndog, as well as various beverage outlets that you can buy at affordable prices.

Nearest Hotel to Suraloka Zoo

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