STRAAT Museum: The Best Museum in Amsterdam

Get an unforgettable experience by visiting this museum in Amsterdam!
11 Jun 2022
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STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam /
STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam / whatsupwithamsterdam

STRAAT Museum is a museum that accommodates graffiti and street art. The purpose of this museum was to share the passion and enthusiasm for the radical art movement.

This museum has an area of 8000m2. Its vibrant colors, large size and powerful message make visiting this museum an experience you can't miss while in Amsterdam.

Has More Than 150 Artworks

Currently, the STRAAT Museum has more than 150 works of art created by more than 130 artists. For the most part, these works are made on the spot. In this cool museum in Amsterdam, a lot of street art takes you into a crazy fantasy world created by artists. But there are also many paintings and realist messages about culture, inequality, and ecology.

Artist working on some artwork
Artist working on some artwork / straatmuseum
Inside the STRAAT Museum
Inside the STRAAT Museum / straatmuseum

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket

The STRAAT Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10AM to 6PM. To purchase tickets, you can buy them on the official website of the STRAAT Museum. Ticket prices for adults are €17.50 and €8.50 for children.

Inside STRAAT Museum /
Inside STRAAT Museum / straatmuseum

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