Soto Hollywood: Traditional Dishes in Yogyakarta that You Must Try!

Soto Hollywood refers to a family of traditional Indonesian soups made with meat and vegetables.
17 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Soto Hollywood /
Soto Hollywood / sotohollywoodconcat

Looking for a typical breakfast in Yogyakarta? It's time for you to try their legendary culinary, Soto Hollywood. For those who don't know, Soto Hollywood is a dish comprises of clear soup and some meats and vegetables, mixed with rice. Interested in trying it? Check out the following review!

About the Name “Soto Hollywood”

Soto Hollywood / Andi Wahyudi
Soto Hollywood / Andi Wahyudi

The eccentric name, Hollywood, is added by the owner of Soto Hollywood during his early days of selling Soto. The owner was selling their Soto right next to another food stall named Warung Pecel Lele Hollywood. So they also used the name Hollywood in their menu. Soto Hollywood was established in 2002 and is one of the favorite food among college students around Jalan Kaliurang Atas.

One of the favorite menu is the Meat Soto along with its distinctive Tempe Chips. In addition, other side menus such as intestine satay and quail egg satay are also suitable for eating with the Soto.


Prices, Menu and Opening Hours

Menu at Soto Hollywood /
Menu at Soto Hollywood / MEMU MAKAN JOGJA

The menu price at Soto Hollywood is very affordable, starting from only IDR 10,000. At that price, you can get a portion of Soto Hollywood, which is very suitable to be eaten as breakfast or lunch.

Up until lunch time, only Meat Soto and Chicken Soto will be available. From 2PM onwards, you can order a variety of soup menus that are no less delicious.

  • Soto Hollywood is open every day from 6AM-10PM.

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