Sonobudoyo Museum in Yogyakarta: Plunge In The Culture & History Of The City!

The Sonobudoyo Museum is a great place to learn about Javanese culture, specifically Yogyakarta in the past.
26 Dec 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Yogyakarta has more to offer than just beaches and Mount Merapi! You can also visit cultural tourist destinations such as the Sonobudoyo Museum. Located in close proximity to North Alun-Alun and Jalan Malioboro, the museum is easily accessible by public transportation.

The Sonobudoyo Museum is a great place to learn about Javanese culture, specifically Yogyakarta in the past. It features a variety of collections of royal relics that are still well-preserved today. To find out more about the history and appeal of the Sonobudoyo Museum, read on for more information!


Sonobudoyo Museum / @lourensiaaa
Sonobudoyo Museum / @lourensiaaa


The following are some of the facilities in the Sonobudoyo Museum:

  • Parking area
  • Public toilet
  • Information Center
  • Art Show
  • Gazebos
  • Spot Photos


Sonobudoyo Museum / @diajengrizkyana
Sonobudoyo Museum / @diajengrizkyana

The Sonobudoyo Museum has been in operation since 1935, consisting of two building units. The first unit is located at Jalan Trikora No. 6 in Yogyakarta, while the second unit is located in Ndalem Condrokiranan, Wijilan, east of the North Square of the Yogyakarta Palace.

The first unit of the Sonobudoyo Museum includes a fixed showroom, temporary showroom, puppet show room, and ex-collection building. The second unit consists of a storage room and office room for Sonobudoyo employees. The museum's collection comprises approximately 43,000 items, which continues to grow each year. It includes various research items, currency, and other historical items dating back to the prehistoric era.

If you are interested in history and want to learn more about Indonesian culture, the Sonobudoyo Museum is an excellent place to visit. It is also a great place to expand your knowledge about Indonesian history.

The Sonobudoyo Museum also often displays various exhibitions or art shows that you can watch for free. You can follow the latest updates about this museum on their official Instagram account at @sonobudoyo.

Entrance Ticket & Opening Hour

Here is the current information on admission tickets to the Sonobudoyo Museum:

  • Entrance Ticket: IDR 3,000 (Indonesian Rupiah)

The Sonobudoyo Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with operating hours from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Be sure to include it in your travel itinerary while visiting Yogyakarta!

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