Sojiwan Temple Klaten: Attractions and Entrance Ticket Prices

Are you interested in visiting Sojiwan Temple? Check out more information below!
8 Aug 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Sojiwan Temple / @rishonastungkara
Sojiwan Temple / @rishonastungkara

Klaten turns out to have a very beautiful Buddhist temple complex that you must visit.

This temple is named Candi Sojiwan, located in Kwaron Village, Klaten. Here you can see directly how beautiful the temple buildings are, especially on the stupas at the top.

Traveling to Sojiwan Temple, you can get to know the history of Indonesian culture and also admire the beauty of its historical heritage.

When entering the holiday season, Sojiwan Temple has become a favorite destination for residents of Klaten and Yogyakarta as a place to travel.

Interested in visiting Sojiwan Temple? Check out more information below!



Sojiwan Temple / @june.dandelion
Sojiwan Temple / @june.dandelion

The temple complex covers an area of 8,140 square meters, with the main building measuring 401.3 square meters and 27 meters high. Sojiwan Temple was built more or less between 842 and 850 AD, more or less in the same period as the nearby Plaosan Temple. The Rukam inscription dated 829 Saka (907 AD), which is now stored in the National Museum, mentions the inauguration ceremony of the repair of Rukam Village by Nini Haji Rakryan Sanjiwana. Previously this village was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. In return, the residents of Rukam Village were obliged to guard and maintain the sacred building in Limwung.


Sojiwan Temple is one of the Buddhist temples in Klaten. Here you can enjoy the view of this temple complex and take pictures around it. This temple is very close to Yogyakarta Adisucipto Airport and several Hindu temple complexes such as Prambanan, Boko, and others.

If you come in the afternoon, you will see the charm of the sunset from Sojiwan Temple, which is enchanting.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

The entrance ticket to Sojiwan Temple is IDR 8,000/person, and you also have to pay a parking fee of IDR 2,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars. Sojiwan Temple Tour is open daily from 08.00-17.00.

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