Silancur Highland: Entrance Ticket, Lodging and Latest Info

Enjoy the best mountain views in Magelang
30 Aug 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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If you are looking for a location with beautiful views and a cool atmosphere in Magelang, don't miss visiting Silancur Highland. The location is very strategic to enjoy the view of Mount Sumbing from Magelang Regency. Besides Mount Sumbing, you can also see several other mountains in the distance surrounding Magelang such as Mount Merbabu, Mount Merapi and Mount Telomoyo.

Glamping at Silancur Highland /
Glamping at Silancur Highland / silancurglamping

Silancur Highland is equipped with many photo spots, those of you who are hunting for cool photos with the theme of mountains will not run out of ideas here.

Moreover, the view when the sun rises, being tired of climbing seems to pay off by looking at the scenery.

You can usually enjoy mountain views until 9 am, after which the mountain weather is often foggy.

Planning to visit Silancur Highland Magelang? Check out more information below!


Nature connoisseurs here can relax with various facilities here. Prayer rooms, toilets, cafes, food stalls to paid wifi have been provided by the manager. The food prices are has reasonable prices, like most stalls in the mountain area.

Those of you who want to stay in this place can also rent camping tents and camp at the campground. Lodging at Silancur Highland in the form of glamping is also available if you want to relax more comfortably.


The location can be reached within 30 minutes from the town square of Magelang, the road to this place is relatively good. Even though the road is not too wide, 2 cars can still pass by succumbing to the shoulder of the road a little.

Entrance Ticket Price

The following is the entrance ticket price to the latest Silancur Highland:

  • Weekends: IDR 15,000/person
  • Weekdays: IDR 10,000/person
  • Children (<135 cm): IDR 5,000/person
  • Motorcycle parking: IDR 3,000
  • Car parking: IDR 10,000

The Silancur Highland tourist attraction is open daily from 05.00-18.00. Hopefully, this information about Silancur Highland can inspire you to vacation in Magelang!

Hotels near Silancur Highland

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