Savoring the Legendary Soto Kesawan in Medan

Here's the review on what makes Soto Kesawan so special!
4 Apr 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Soto Kesawan — Indonesia is renowned for its diverse cultural heritage, rich history, scenic tourist attractions, and mouth-watering cuisine. Every Indonesian region boasts an array of distinctive culinary delights that incorporate a blend of spices and authentic flavors. Notably, Medan, a city in Indonesia, is renowned for its numerous culinary specialties that are worth sampling.

If you find yourself in Medan, you cannot afford to miss the chance to taste Soto Kesawan, one of the city's typical dishes. What makes Soto Kesawan stand out? Let's find out in this review.


Soto Kesawan / @jogjabikinlaper
Soto Kesawan / @jogjabikinlaper

Soto is a traditional Indonesian soup dish made with broth, meat (such as chicken, beef, or offal), and vegetables, often including bean sprouts, boiled eggs, and celery leaves.

Since 1950, Soto Kesawan has been a legendary culinary destination that offers three menu options: chicken soup, beef offal, and shrimp. Unlike typical soups with clear broth, Soto Kesawan has a thick and creamy sauce made from a blend of coconut milk.

The taste of Soto Kesawan is distinct, with a light texture and rich blend of spices that has a dominant savory flavor in every bite. This food stall is a popular lunch spot for both tourists and local residents of Medan, and its consistent taste has garnered a loyal following over the decades.

Soto Kesawan sells over 200 servings of soto each day and even more during holiday seasons. A serving of Soto Kesawan is priced at IDR 25,000-IDR 30,000, which is affordable considering its filling portion. The shop is open daily from 08.00-14.30.

In conclusion, Soto Kesawan is a must-try typical culinary dish in Medan. The latest review has described its distinct flavor and consistent taste, which has attracted many loyal customers over the years. Would you be tempted to taste this delicious food?

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