Sangkan Resort Aqua Park: The Best Waterpark in Kuningan, West Java

Interested in coming to Sangkan Resort Aqua Park? Let's take a look at this information!
27 Sep 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Sangkan Park / @sangkanpark
Sangkan Park / @sangkanpark

Kuningan is a city in West Java that has various family attractions that you can visit, one of which is Sangkan Resort Aqua Park in Bandarosa Wetan. This place is a stop vacation because it has multiple facilities, including lodging, water rides, a food court, and a mini zoo.

Interested in coming to Sangkan Resort Aqua Park? Let's take a look at this information!



Here are some of the facilities you can find at Sangkan Resort Aqua Park:

  • Parking area
  • Food Court
  • Storage Locker
  • Gazebo
  • Toilet & Bathroom
  • Mosque
  • Kids Pool
  • Water Game Rides
  • Villa


Wave Pool / @sangkanpark
Wave Pool / @sangkanpark

Sangkan Resort Aqua Park has various water rides you can try while visiting. This place is also known for its cleanliness and well-maintained rides, so you don't need to doubt the security at Sangkan Resort Aqua Park anymore.

There are several rides that you can try at Sangkan Resort Aqua Park. Here is the list:

Wave Pool

You don't have to go far to feel the beach waves because, at Sangkan Resort Aqua Park, you can enjoy them in the wave pool, which will be activated at certain hours for 10 minutes. The depth of this wave pool ranges from 160-180 cm, and it is recommended to bring a buoy to stay safe and enjoy this ride.

Flow Pool

You must try the current pool to relax at Sangkan Resort Aqua Park. You can rest on the tires and follow the flow that moves automatically in this pool.

Water Slide

Sangkan Resort Aqua Park has a variety of waterslide rides that will test your courage and adrenaline. One of the visitors' favourites is the Octopus Slide which has 6 slides lined up with a track length of 85 meters.

You can also try the Raft Slider, which has a height of 12 meters and a track length of 120 meters. This one ride will take you up to 40 km/hour.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Wave Pool / @sangkanpark
Wave Pool / @sangkanpark

For those of you who want to come to Sangkan Resort Aqua Park soon, here is the information on the latest entrance ticket prices:

Weekday Entrance Ticket

  • Children: IDR 55,000
  • Adults: IDR 65,000

Weekend Entrance Ticket

  • Children: IDR 75,000
  • Adults: IDR 75,000

The Sangkan Resort Aqua Park tourist attraction is open daily from 09.00-17.00. This is a review of Sangkan Resort Aqua Park. Hopefully, it can inspire you for your next vacation destination!

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Wave Pool

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