Sambel Tumpang Pecel Bu Kis: Hidden Gems Culinary in Surakarta

Curious about the menu in Sambel Tumpang Pecel Bu Kis? Here is the latest information!
14 Sep 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Pecel with Egg / @mimolette_1106
Pecel with Egg / @mimolette_1106

Sambal Tumpang is a thick soup dish made using a unique ingredient, namely tempeh, that is almost rotten. Sambal Tumpang is usually served with boiled vegetables and added with warm rice. While in Solo, there is a culinary spot serving delicious spicy sambal called Sambel Tumpang Pecel Bu Kis.

Curious about the menu in Sambal Tumpang Bu Kris? Here is the latest information!


Sambel Tumpang Pecel Bu Kis Jl. Gleges, Sriwedari, Laweyan, Surakarta

Menu List and Opening Hours

Many menus are available at Bu Kis's Sambel Tumpang Pecel, such as pecel rice, tumpang rice, trancam rice, Gado-Gado, pickled tofu, and so on. The price of a portion of sambal tumpang rice here ranges from IDR 15,000 per portion.

Sambal Tumpang Pecel Bu Kis is open daily from 07.00-14.00. Make sure to come earlier, so you don't run out of the menu at this restaurant!

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