Royal Ocean View: Resort with the Best View in Karimunjawa
Resort with exotic beach views to enjoy with your partner
28 Apr 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar

Looking for a hotel with an exotic private beach view? You will be amazed by the view of the clean white sand beach and blue sea at the Royal Ocean View hotel!

Royal Ocean View Resort, Beautiful and Concealed
Royal Ocean View Resort, Beautiful and Concealed

This is the furthest hotel on Karimunjawa Island, exactly 9 kilometers from the harbor. The scenery is very beautiful and the location is quiet because it is far from settlements, perfect for those of you who want to honeymoon with a partner.

To enjoy a room with the best view, of course, you need to spend more, but all will pay off when you enjoy the view of the sunrise in this place.

Not only can you enjoy the view, but on the resort's private beach you can also swim and snorkel. Because there are many corals, it is recommended that children not play on this beach.