Riding Red Island Beach Waves of Banyuwangi

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the west coast and surfing in the Red Island!
27 Oct 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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Surfing at Red Island Beach /
Surfing at Red Island Beach / redislandsurfcamp

Red Island Beach, better known as Red Island, is one of the mandatory destinations for tourists visiting Banyuwangi. This beach is quite famous among local and foreign tourists because it has fantastic views and is mainly a beginner-level surfing location. The idea of the beach surrounded by guava trees and hills adds to the natural beauty of this beach.


Red Island Beach is 80 km from Banyuwangi city center or about 2 hours drive by private vehicle and more protracted if using public transportation. Banyuwangi village is located in East Java, right next to the island of Bali.

Route To Red Island

Local surfer,
Local surfer, redislandsurfcamp

From the city center, you can go through Jl. Banyuwangi-Jember, then head towards Jajag at the intersection. From Jajag, follow the directions until you reach Pulau Merah Beach. The journey from Jajag to Pulau Merah Beach is about 30 minutes and is relatively easy because there is always a signboard at the intersection on the road to Pulau Merah.


The facilities on red island beach are pretty simple but capable.

  • Ample parking.
  • Rent a tent.
  • Banyuwangi is a typical food seller with friendly prices.
  • Surfboard rental,

Of course, the prima donna of this beach is the view that amazes you and the thrill of surfing on the waves. The waves on this beach can reach 2-4 meters and are routinely visited by foreign tourists who are learning to surf. Even the red island beaches have hosted international surfing competitions.

The best time to visit Pulau Merah Beach is in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the view at dusk.

Hotels in Banyuwangi

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