Real World Locations of Japanese Anime

From Your Name to One Punch Man and Sailor Moon
21 Jan 2023
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Popular anime often use settings in real life, and some of them have locations that actually exist in the real world. This article will reveal those anime locations with some interesting photos.

Sangubashi Park in the opening of the anime 5 cm per Second

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Sangubashi Park in Tokyo, known as a beautiful photo-taking location, has appeared in several anime, including 5 cm per Second, which began its first episode with a scene in the park. The park has many bamboo trees and a river, as well as the famous gate, which adds a romantic and beautiful atmosphere to the scenes and is a popular photo spot for anime fans.

Iconic staircase in Anime Your Name

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The iconic staircase found in Yotsuya, Tokyo, is one of the locations used in the anime 'Your Name', which has become one of the most booming anime in recent years. This staircase will take anime fans to the attractive Suga Shrine.

Hotel near the iconic staircase from the anime Your Name

Apartment Saitama di Setagaya, Tokyo

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The apartment that Saitama from 'One Punch Man' lives in also has a real-life location in Setagaya, Tokyo. Setagaya is a suburban city in Tokyo, known for its balance between nature and development, as well as its beautiful scenery. This is the perfect location to create a home for Saitama, the main character of this anime.

The AzaHikawa Shrine is the setting location of the popular 90s anime, Sailor Moon

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The AzaHikawa Shrine in Kyoto, Japan is the setting of the popular 90s anime, 'Sailor Moon'. This shrine is the home of Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) and her grandfather. The AzaHikawa Shrine is a real-life location in Tokyo, which has a beautiful view and many old buildings that make it beautiful and romantic. This is the perfect location to depict the living location of Rei Hino and her grandfather.

Popular hotel in Kyoto, Japan

The anime Garden of Words is located in a park called Shinjuku Gyoen

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Those who have watched 'Garden of Words' certainly understand how beautiful the depicted location is. And it turns out, this location exists in real life. Shinjuku Gyoen is a large and beautiful park located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Anime Steins;Gate is located in Akihabara

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One of the famous scenes in the anime Steins;Gate is located near Akihabara Station in Tokyo. Akihabara is the largest electronics center in Tokyo and also a gathering place for anime and game fans. Akihabara Station has become a popular location for anime scenes, and the scene in Steins;Gate only adds to the popularity of this location. This location is also a suitable location to depict the lives of the characters in this anime.

Popular hotel near Akihabara Station

Anime Ano Hana is set in Chichibu City

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Anime 'Ano Hana' was filmed in Chichibu City, a suburban city in Tokyo, to the west of Saitama Prefecture. Chichibu City is a beautiful location with rolling hills and many large parks, making it a perfect setting for this anime. This location was chosen for its iconic and providing a beautiful and romantic backdrop for the scenes that take place in the anime.

Popular hotel in Chichibu city

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