Punti Kayu Palembang: Entrance Ticket Prices and More Info!

Before visiting Punti Kayu, consider the following information!
8 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Photo Spot in Punti Kayu /
Photo Spot in Punti Kayu / teguh8w

The Punti Kayu Nature Park, located in Palembang, turned out to be one of the tourist destinations that you must visit. This place is a nature conservation area that is used for nature tourism and recreational activities in Palembang, South Sumatra. Before visiting Punti Kayu, check out the following information!



Punti Kayu /
Punti Kayu / teguh8w

Punti Kayu has various complete facilities that you can try:

  • Recreation Area
  • Instagramable photo spots
  • Parking area
  • Park bench
  • Cafe
  • Toilet
  • Soft gun water rides
  • Rocking bridge
  • Recreational Lake
  • Paddle duck

Photo Spot

Photo Spot /
Photo Spot / ra_production_studio
  • Recreational Lake
    • Punti Kayu has a recreational lake in this tourist area, you can enjoy the scenery here or go around the lake area using the paddle ducks that have been provided by the manager.

  • Indian Village
    • One of the favorite spots for visitors in Punti Kayu is the Indian Village which is a place to take selfies to hold prewedding photos. This place is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures.

  • Landmark Spot
    • Punti Kayu provides various landmark spots from several countries such as the Eiffel Tower here. This place is also suitable for you to take pictures.

  • Prewedding Spot
    • Because of its very cool and beautiful feel, Punti Kayu is also often used as a pre wedding photo spot with various concepts such as casual, picnic, to international. You can use the existing properties here or bring in additional properties.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

The following are the latest entrance ticket prices at Punti Kayu:

  1. Weekday (Monday-Friday)
  • Adult: Rp 25.000
  • Child: Rp 20.000
  • Car Park: Rp 10.000
  • Motorcycle Park: Rp 5.000
  1. Weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Adult: Rp 30.000
  • Child: Rp 25.000
  • Car Park: Rp 10.000
  • Motorcycle Park: Rp 5.000

The opening hours of Punti Kayu Palembang start at 09.00-17.00 WIB every day

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