Pallubasa Serigala: Must Eat While You’re in Makasar

Curious about the delicacy of Pallubasa Serigala? Here is the full information!
21 Sep 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
Pallubasa Serigala / @lapardanbosan_
Pallubasa Serigala / @lapardanbosan_

Makassar is a city in South Sulawesi known for its diverse culture and culinary tourism. If you are visiting Makassar, it is not complete if you have not tasted the legendary cuisine in this city. One culinary you can try is Pallubasa Serigala, located in Mamajang Dalam.

Pallubasa is a traditional Makassarese food made from cows or buffalo's offal (intestines). The origin of pallubasa consists of two words: pallu and basa, which means cooking and gravy.

Curious about the delicacy of Pallubasa Serigala? Here is the complete information!


Menu List and Opening Hours

Pallubasa Serigala / @laperteruskenyang
Pallubasa Serigala / @laperteruskenyang

Pallubasa Serigala is a restaurant that has existed since 1986 and still exists today. This restaurant is located near Losari Beach, the icon of Makassar city. The Pallubasa menu here is known for its authentic taste and tender meat.

The latest price for a portion of the Pallubasa Serigala menu is currently IDR 30,000-IDR 60,000. The Pallubasa Serigala restaurant is open daily from 10:00 to 23:00. If you are lazy to leave home, you can order the Pallubasa menu through the online delivery application on your smartphone.

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