Pagi Padi Mentari: The Best Cafes for a Wholesome Start

At Pagi Padi Mentari, you can enjoy a tropical atmosphere in the heart of urban Yogyakarta.
30 Jan 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Pagi Padi Mentari — Yogyakarta is home to countless cafes that cater to various preferences, ranging from modern to nature-inspired concepts. If you're overwhelmed with choices and not sure where to start, Pagi Padi Mentari is an excellent option. This cafe, situated in Tiyosan, Condongcatur, is easily accessible by vehicle.

Pagi Padi Mentari is a new addition to the cafe scene and boasts a tropical ambiance amidst a serene rice field setting. For more information about this charming cafe, continue reading below.


Padi Pagi Mentari / @pagipadimentari
Padi Pagi Mentari / @pagipadimentari


The following are some of the facilities available at Pagi Padi Mentari:

  • Parking area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Spot Photos
  • Electric socket


Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein
Padi Pagi Mentari / @feelcaffein


At Pagi Padi Mentari, you can enjoy a tropical atmosphere in the heart of urban Yogyakarta. This cafe stands out from the rest by offering a wide selection of healthy and refreshing fruit juices and other fruit-based creations, rather than just relying on coffee. Upon entering the cafe, you'll be welcomed by charming tropical decor that is both cozy and Instagram-worthy. Be sure to capture all the moments of your visit to Pagi Padi Mentari with your phone!

Menu list

What's on the menu at Padi Pagi Mentari? The following is a menu list along with the latest prices!

Signature Juices

  • Amartha: 25K
  • Amrita: 25K
  • Horizon: 25K
  • Jenggala: 25K
  • Savanna: 25K
  • Senandika: 25K
  • Arunika: 25K
  • Twinkle: 25K
  • Buana: 25K
  • Bumantara: 25K
  • Dewana: 25K
  • Glitters: 25K
  • Stars: 25K
  • Harsa: 25K
  • Indurasmi: 25K
  • Janardana: 25K
  • Beautiful: 25K
  • Mega: 25K
  • Nirmala: 25K
  • Nirvana: 25K
  • Payoda: 25K
  • Padika: 25K
  • Palawan: 25K
  • Rucita: 25K
  • Moon: 25K
  • Planned: 25K
  • Reswara: 25K
  • Symphony: 25K
  • Private: 25K
  • Sarayu: 25K
  • Time: 25K
  • Kirana: 25K
  • Blue: 25K
  • Violet: 25K
  • Latitude: 25K


  • Mango King: 20K
  • Dragon King: 29K
  • Snow Avocado: 25K
  • Papa Dragon: 25K
  • Sun Ice: 25K
  • Rainbow Fruit Soup: 25K
  • Aceh Shaved Cucumber Ice: 25K

Special Morning Breakfast

  • Lontong Medang: 15K
  • Roti Jala Aceh: 20K
  • Rib Soup: 30K

Indonesian Salad

  • Pecel: 25K
  • Gado Gado: 25K


  • Tuna: 40K
  • Carbonara: 40K


  • French Fries: 20K
  • Mentari Fried Banana: 25K
  • Sun Fried Tape: 30K
  • Mentari Platter: 35K


  • Sun Sandwich: 40K
  • Tuna: 40K
  • Chickens: 40K
  • Beef n Cheese: 40K

Western Salad

  • Sun Salad: 40K
  • Chicken Salad: 40K
  • Beef Salad: 40K
  • Tuna Salad: 40K

Special Menu

  • Nasi Campur Mentari: 25K


  • Green Beans: 10K
  • Black Glutinous Rice: 10K
  • Banana Compote: 10K
  • Green Beans Porridge: 15K
  • Chicken and Corn: 30K
  • Chicken and Mushrooms: 30K

Signature Tea

  • Legend: 20K
  • Once upon a time: 20K
  • Lemon Tea: 20K
  • Lychee Tea: 20K
  • Peach Tea: 20K
  • Tropical Tea: 25K
  • Fruity Sangria: 25K
  • English Breakfast: 15K
  • Green Tea: 15K
  • Jasmine: 15K
  • Green Tea: 15K
  • Lemongrass: 15K
  • Lemon Tea: 15K
  • Ginger Tea: 15K

Fruit Salad

  • Fruit Salad: 30K
  • Javanese Fruit Salad: 30K
  • Rujak Mamah: 20K
  • Lotisan: 20K

Opening hours

Padi Pagi Mentari operates daily from 07.00 to 22.00, except on Mondays when it is closed. It is highly recommended to visit this cafe in the morning, as you can fully indulge in the fresh and tranquil ambiance of the village. Overall, it's a highly recommended cafe to visit in Yogyakarta. Would you like to give it a try?

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