Eggs Cafe & Bistro: Cafe with All Omega Egg-Based Menu

Eggs Cafe & Bistro in Sleman, Yogyakarta, feels unique with all its menus made using omega eggs.
19 Mar 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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When it comes to comforting and universally liked food in any condition, egg dishes often become the top choice. However, did you know that there's a cafe offering a truly unique culinary experience, where all the menus are served using omega eggs?

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Yes, you heard it right. The cafe is called Eggs Cafe & Bistro, located in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Location and Ambiance at Eggs Cafe & Bistro

Unlike other cafes, Eggs Cafe & Bistro has a very special characteristic. All the menus served in this cafe use omega eggs as their main ingredient.

The omega eggs used here even come from their farm, renowned for their eggs with 80% lower cholesterol content than regular eggs. This makes the dishes at Eggs Cafe & Bistro not only delicious but also healthier and more nutritious.

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The uniqueness of Eggs Cafe & Bistro doesn't stop there. In addition to selling various delicious dishes, this cafe also sells their omega eggs to customers who want to cook at home. Thus, visitors can take home high-quality eggs to cook according to their taste and creativity.

Eggs Cafe & Bistro is also known for its enjoyable dining atmosphere. The cafe provides spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, allowing visitors to choose the most comfortable spot according to their preferences. This makes dining at Eggs Cafe & Bistro more enjoyable and memorable.

Welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan, Eggs Cafe & Bistro offers two attractive packages that you should try. Eggs Cafe & Bistro is located at Jalan Kranji No. 235, Sleman, Yogyakarta, and is open every day from 08:00 to 23:00 WIB.

Ramadan Menu at Eggs Cafe & Bistro

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During Ramadan, you can enjoy two types of filling packages from Eggs Cafe & Bistro. This promotion is valid until April 8, 2024. Each package includes a main course, dessert, and a hot or cold drink, with the details as follows.

  1. Eggscelent Iftar (30,000 IDR) Eggs Creme Brulee Nasi Telur Single Special Hot/Ice Fruit Tea
  1. Eggstraordinary Iftar (40,000 IDR) Eggs Creme Brulee Nasi Telur Double/Crispy Hot/Ice Fruit Tea

So, if you're in Sleman, Yogyakarta, don't miss the chance to visit Eggs Cafe & Bistro. Experience a unique culinary journey and enjoy delicious dishes made with the finest quality omega eggs.

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