Obie Cafe & Space: New Cafe Spotted in Yogyakarta

To discover more about the exciting attractions of Obie Cafe & Space in Yogyakarta, take a look at the information below!
15 Feb 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Obie Cafe & Space — Yogyakarta, renowned as a student city, is home to a diverse range of cafes and fun hangout spots. Visitors can explore various cafes with unique interior designs and signature drinks that are simply mouth-watering.

For those seeking a change from the usual cafe atmosphere, be sure to check out Obie Cafe & Space. Located in Pogung Kidul, this cafe boasts a spacious parking area and is ideal for remote working.

Obie Cafe & Space features a modern minimalist concept with white dominating its interior. The spacious and comfortable room creates a cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for anyone to hang out for hours on end. To learn more about the attractions of Obie Cafe & Space, check out the information below!


Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja


The following are some of the facilities available at Obie Cafe & Space:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Smoking Areas
  • Spot Photos
  • Wi-Fi


Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja
Obie Cafe & Space / @cafepediajogja

Menu list

Below is a list of menus offered at Obie Cafe & Space, along with their latest prices:

Espresso Based

  • Espresso: 16K
  • Americano: 20K
  • Capuccino: 22K
  • Cafe Latte: 22K

Flavour Latte

  • Cinnamon Latte: 24K
  • Caramel Latte: 24K
  • Hazelunt Latte: 24K
  • Sweet Rum: 24K

Signature Drink

  • Obie: 23K
  • Regal Latte: 25K
  • Oreo Latte: 25K
  • Sakura: 25K

Milk Based

  • Redvelvet: 24K
  • Greentea: 24K
  • Chocolate: 24K
  • Taro: 24K


  • Like It: 24K
  • Coconut Fresh: 25K
  • Apple Fresh: 25K
  • Saraberry: 26K
  • Black Mamba: 26K

Tea Based

  • Lychee Tea: 18K
  • Lemon Tea: 18K
  • Strawberry Tea: 18K
  • Fresh & Fresh: 22K

Manual Brew

  • V60: 27K

Ramen Niku

  • Original: 27K

Add On Topping

  • Katsu: 8K
  • Chicken: 8K
  • Beef: 11K

Rice Bowl

  • Crispy Chicken Salted Egg: 25K
  • Crispy Chicken Teriyaki: 25K
  • Crispy Chicken BBQ: 25K
  • Beef Gyudon: 35K
  • Beef Teriyaki: 35K

Curry Rice

  • Curry Katsu: 30K

Chicken Wings

  • BBQ: 25K
  • Teriyaki: 25K
  • Salted Egg: 25K

Opening hours

Obie Cafe & Space is open daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 am. This review of a cafe in Yogyakarta is sure to provide you with a fresh new reference for your next outing!

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