New Zealand Reopens for Tours on 31st July!

Now, people from visa-free countries can travel to New Zealand!
8 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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New Zealand / Unsplash
New Zealand / Unsplash

The announcement made New Zealand a country that reopened tourism. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced plans for reopening New Zealand.

Speaking at a virtual Business NZ lunch in Auckland, Ardern said that International borders will reopen to all tourists and visa holders two months early than planned on July 31, 2022”.

The decision comes days after international travelers began landing at Auckland Airport after New Zealand relaxed entry rules for passengers from more than 60 countries.

Those who need a visa can be able to enter too!

New Zealand / Unsplash-@thantzinoo18
New Zealand / Unsplash-@thantzinoo18

Currently, people from visa-free countries can travel to New Zealand. As Ardern points out, after a full reopening, even those who need a visa to enter the island nation will be able to do so. In addition, cruise ships will also be able to return to local ports after reopening.

"This will be great news for our families, businesses, and migrant communities. It also provides an assurance and good preparation time for airlines and cruise companies planning to return to New Zealand in the peak spring and summer seasons," Ardern said, as quoted by 1 News.

New Zealand Economy in Focus

The previous plan was to fully reopen New Zealand's borders by October. But Ardern's government had previously hinted that the border might reopen earlier than expected. The reason behind the decision was economic.

"We know the main constraint in business is access to skilled labor. This plan will increase labor availability while accelerating our tourism recovery," Ardern underlined in her message.

According to reports, workers in areas with urgent skills shortages can have their visas processed within 30 days from July 4 using the employer's new accredited work visa scheme.

Ardern told attendees at the Business NZ luncheon that a whole opening would help meet an urgent skills shortage, secure immigration arrangements and open up tourism.

The Prime Minister also announced visa extensions for some 20,000 migrants already in the country. On the other hand, international education will fully restart from July 31.

"We are building on our proven plan to secure New Zealand's economic future," added Ardern.

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