Ayam Gohyong Legenda: The Pioneer of Viral Culinary in Malang

With the opening of Ayam Gohyong Legenda in Malang, this culinary option becomes intriguing for food enthusiasts in the city.
23 Feb 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Recently, social media has been buzzing with the emergence of a new culinary trend, namely Gohyong. What exactly is Gohyong? Gohyong is a dish consisting of minced meat wrapped in tofu skin or thin dumpling skin, then fried until golden brown and crispy.

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This dish is usually served with an accompanying sauce that has sweet, spicy, or fresh flavors, providing a perfect touch to the delicious taste of Gohyong.

Origin of Gohyong: A Variation of Ngoh Hiang

Gohyong is a variation of a previously famous dish, Ngoh Hiang. Ngoh Hiang is a Peranakan or Nonya dish consisting of a mixture of minced meat, shrimp, and spices, which is then wrapped in tofu skin or dumpling skin, and then fried. Both dishes have similarities in their main ingredient composition, but Gohyong has its distinctive feature with the use of tofu skin or dumpling skin as its wrapper.

Location of Ayam Gohyong Legenda Malang

Following the viral culinary trend, Malang also welcomes the arrival of Gohyong with enthusiasm. One of the shops offering this dish is Ayam Gohyong Legenda. This shop has two outlets in Malang.

  1. Ayam Gohyong Legenda Soekarno Hatta Location: Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 7, Jatimulyo, Lowokwaru, Malang Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (16.00-21.00 WIB)
  1. Ayam Gohyong Legenda Sawojajar Location: Jalan Danau Kerinci Raya No. 27e, Lesanpuro, Kedungkandang, Malang City Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (16.00-21.00 WIB)

Menu and Price of Ayam Gohyong Legenda

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The main menu offered by Ayam Gohyong Legenda is Chicken Gohyong with a choice of sweet fresh sauce, spicy mercon sauce, and rujak mantap sauce. With a price of 18,000 IDR per portion, you can already enjoy a generous portion of Gohyong packed with appetizing sauce.

With delicious taste and guaranteed quality, it's no wonder that Gohyong from Ayam Gohyong Legenda has become the favorite choice for culinary enthusiasts in Malang. So, what are you waiting for? Visit one of its branches and indulge in the tempting taste of Gohyong!

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