Enliven the Christmas Sparkle at Christmas Wonderland Pakuwon City Mall, Open Until January 14, 2024!

Christmas is getting closer! If you're confused about where to spend your Christmas celebrations, Christmas Wonderland at Pakuwon City Mall could be an option. There are many attractions, entertainment, and interesting promotions until January 14, 2024!
14 Dec 2023 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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The Christmas celebration is just around the corner. Every year, Christmas is often accompanied by grand events, especially in Surabaya.

This year, there is another Christmas-themed event organized by Pakuwon City Mall titled Christmas Wonderland. The event takes place from November 17, 2023, to January 14, 2024.

In this event, visitors are treated to various fascinating Christmas-themed attractions. Moreover, the decorations appear luxurious and festive, creating a joyful atmosphere leading up to the Christmas celebration.

When visiting Christmas Wonderland, you will find many interesting photo spots. Not only that, there are also various rides for children with a fee of Rp 20,000 per ride.

Performance Schedules at Christmas Wonderland

Performance Schedules at Christmas Wonderland
Performance Schedules at Christmas Wonderland

Going to Christmas Wonderland, you will certainly not run out of entertainment. Because every day, this event offers special and different performances. Starting from live acoustic and jazz music, fireworks, to even Santa. Check the schedule here.

  1. Live Music Accoustic (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)
  1. Live Music Jazz (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday)
  1. Clown Circus (every Friday at 19.00 WIB)
  1. Santa Around The Mall (every Friday and Saturday)
  1. Magical Parade (every Saturday at 19.00 WIB)
  1. Firework Show (every Saturday at 20.00 WIB)
  1. Christmas Musical (every Sunday at 19.00 WIB)

Route and Schedules of Magical Bus Christmas Wonderland

Schedules of Magical Bus Christmas Wonderland
Schedules of Magical Bus Christmas Wonderland

Not only providing various interesting performances, Christmas Wonderland also facilitates Surabaya residents who want to explore the city with the Magical Bus. No need to worry about the ticket, as this facility is completely free during the event.

The available routes include the three biggest shopping centers in Surabaya, namely Pakuwon Mall, Tunjungan Plaza, and Pakuwon City Mall, with a duration of approximately one hour for each route. Here are the routes and departure schedules for the Christmas Wonderland Magical Bus.

Pakuwon Mall-Tunjungan Plaza

  • 10.00-11.00 WIB
  • 14.50-15.50 WIB
  • 20.10-21.10 WIB

Tunjungan Plaza-Pakuwon City Mall

  • 11.05-11.50 WIB
  • 15.55-17.15 WIB
  • 21.15-22.00 WIB

Pakuwon City Mall-Tunjungan Plaza

  • 12.55-13.40 WIB
  • 17.20-18.50 WIB

Tunjungan Plaza-Pakuwon Mall

  • 13.45-14.45 WIB
  • 18.55-20.05 WIB

Those are some of the interesting entertainment and facilities to try at Christmas Wonderland. Be sure to visit soon while there's still plenty of time!

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