Narai by Gifu: Authentic Japanese Culinary Haven in the Heart of Surabaya

From classic dishes like sushi, udon, and ramen to unique creations such as nori taco, this restaurant indulges the taste buds of visitors with authentic Japanese flavors.
4 Jan 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Narai by Gifu is located in a somewhat concealed corner of Surabaya. Despite its hidden location, the restaurant successfully captivates the attention of culinary enthusiasts through the simplicity and authenticity of its Japanese dishes.

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Located at Jalan Kertajaya Indah Timur IX No. 33 block O - 415A, Manyar Sabrangan, Mulyorejo, Surabaya, operating hours are from 10.30 AM to 9.30 PM every day. The prominent use of wooden ornaments and bright lighting imparts a warm and delightful ambiance to the establishment.

Upon entering, visitors are immersed in an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The restaurant's interior is adorned with traditional Japanese touches, such as wooden tables and tatami mats, creating a comfortable and tranquil setting. Additional embellishments, like Japanese paintings and scattered cherry blossom motifs, enhance the overall beauty of the place.

Menu and Prices at Narai by Gifu

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Narai by Gifu is a restaurant that offers a variety of Japanese dishes, ranging from ramen, udon, sushi, and nori tacos, to beverages such as tea, non-coffee options, and soda.

  1. Potato Salad (22,000 IDR)
  1. Salmon Sashimi Salad (33,000 IDR)
  1. Miso Soip (15,000 IDR)
  1. California Maki (25,000 IDR/6 pcs)
  1. Ebi Furai Maki (25,000 IDR/6 pcs)
  1. Maguro Sashimi (30,000 IDR)
  1. Beef Teriyaki Mentai Nori Taco (22,000 IDR)
  1. Niku Udon (45,000 IDR)
  1. Dragon Roll (40,000 IDR)
  1. Kyoto Matcha (32,000 IDR)

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