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6 Mar 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Isvara Kitchen — Yogyakarta is renowned for its diverse culinary scene featuring Indonesian and international cuisines. The city's culinary industry is flourishing due to the influx of tourists, which has prompted many modern cafes and restaurants to offer unique concepts with delectable cuisine.

Isvara Kitchen is one of the many restaurants in Yogyakarta that offers a contemporary dining experience by using only the finest quality premium ingredients. This eatery is perfect for casual hangouts or hosting special events such as social gatherings, birthdays, and anniversary dinners with your loved ones. To learn more about Isvara Kitchen, read on!


Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_


The following are the facilities in Isvara Kitchen:

  • Parking area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Spot Photos
  • Meeting Room


Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_
Isvara Kitchen / @agentdahariini_

Menu list

What menus are there at Isvara Kitchen? The following is information about menu prices and the latest menu list!


  • Caesar Salad: 37K
  • Bulgogi Salad: 37K


  • Onion Rings: 25K
  • French Fries: 22K
  • Calamari Rings: 29K
  • Potato Wedges: 28K
  • Caramel Butter Crispy Banana: 32K
  • Fish and Chips: 40K
  • Mozzarella Sticks: 31K
  • Honey Chicken Wings: 37K
  • Crispy Salt and Pepper Tofu: 22K
  • Savory Cheese Cassava: 30K
  • Seafood Fritters: 28K
  • Garlic Parmesan: 37K


  • Pasta Bolognese: 44K
  • Spaghetti Vongole: 42K
  • Creamy Pasta Carbonara: 42K
  • Lasagna: 48K
  • Shrimp Pasta Aglio Olio: 43K


  • Grilled Ribs Soup: 86K
  • Soto Tangkar Ijo: 75K
  • Green Sambal Fried Ribs Soup: 86K
  • Kedondong Oxtail Soup: 86K


  • Cow Sei: 57K
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu: 55K
  • Beef Stroganoff: 98K
  • Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon: 115K
  • Pan Seared Baramundi: 65K
  • Soft Bone Fried Chicken: 72K
  • Isvara Fried Rice: 39K
  • Tektek Fried Noodles: 36K


  • Garang Gesing Pannacota: 33K
  • Au Latt Italian Tiramisu: 40K
  • Banana Epe: 37K
  • Creme Brulle: 33K
  • Truffle Churros: 39K

Espresso Based

  • Espressos: 20K
  • Americano: 23K
  • Cafe Latte: 27K
  • Cappuccino: 25K
  • Salted Caramel Latte: 32K
  • Hazelnut Latte: 32K
  • Vanilla Latte: 32K

Non Coffee

  • Choco Dinosaur: 28K
  • Choco Hazelnuts: 32K
  • Salted Caramel Milk: 32K
  • Matcha Latte: 28K
  • Cherry Latte: 32K
  • Butter Bears: 28K
  • Choco Latte: 32K
  • Apple Tea: 25K

Tea Based

  • Lychee Tea: 25K
  • Lemon Tea: 29K
  • Longan Tea: 27K

Opening hours

Isvara Kitchen is open every day with the following operating hours:

  • Monday-Thursday : 10.00-22.00
  • Friday-Sunday: 10.00-23.00

Consider adding Isvara Kitchen to your weekend agenda as a new destination for quality time with your family.

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