Must Try in Yogyakarta: Notaris Fried Rice

Notaris Fried Rice is one of the foods with a robust and fragrant spice taste.
12 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
Notaris Fried Rice / @gemarkulineran
Notaris Fried Rice / @gemarkulineran

If you like hunting for nightly culinary delights in Yogyakarta, of course, you have to take the time to visit the Notaris Fried Rice in Kotabaru. This place is dubbed the best beef fried rice in Yogyakarta because the spices are powerful and have the same taste even though it has been around for a dozen years.

Notaris Fried Rice uses thinly sliced beef in each portion, don't forget to add chips and pickles to complement this fried rice menu. Notary Fried Rice is often a student subscription because the price is affordable and the portions are large.


Notaris Fried Rice has located near Bopkri 1 Highschool and next to the Notary's office. Even though the location only uses a tented stall, Notaris Fried Rice is always full of buyers every night and gets busier when it's close to midnight.

Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Notaris Fried Rice / @gemarkulineran
Notaris Fried Rice / @gemarkulineran

The price for a serving of beef fried rice here is only IDR 12,000, but if you want to add toppings to beef eyes/omelets, you can add IDR 3,000. Notaris Fried Rice is one of the foods with a strong and fragrant spice taste.

Notaris Fried Rice is open every day from 18.00-00.00. Are you interested in tasting this fried rice culinary?

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