Must Eat in Yogyakarta: RM Moro Senang Bakmi Kakap

Curious about the taste of the menu at Moro Seneng Bakmi Kakap? Here's more information for you!
5 Sep 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Fried Snapper Noodles / Grace Fransisca
Fried Snapper Noodles / Grace Fransisca

Whenever you come to Yogyakarta, it's incomplete if you haven't tried a variety of delicious and unique legendary culinary delights in this city. If you like cuisine with processed fish, then take the time to taste Moro Seneng Fried Snapper Noodles which is currently moving to the Jambon street area.

At first, RM Moro Seneng Bakmi Kakap was on Magelang street, but now it has moved to the Jambon street area, near its old place, about 500 meters to the north.

The menu that is a favourite of visitors here is the Fried Snapper Noodles which is delicious and can't be found anywhere else. This noodle is also a frequent customer of various public figures when visiting Yogyakarta, one of which is Nagita Slavina.

Curious about the taste of the menu at Moro Seneng Bakmi Kakap? Here's more information for you!


Moro Seneng Spesial Bakmi Kakap Jl. Jambon, Kragilan, Kricak, Mlati, Yogyakarta

Daftar Menu dan Jam Buka

Capcay / Grace Fransisca
Capcay / Grace Fransisca

The following is a list of the menus at Moro Seneng Special Bakmi Kakap, along with the latest prices:

Main course

  • Fried Snapper Noodles / Soup: IDR 55,000
  • Fried Noodles / Soup: IDR 30,000
  • Fried Kwetiau / Soup: IDR 30,000
  • Fried Vermicelli / Soup: IDR 30,000
  • Fried Soun / Soup: IDR 30,000
  • Fried Misoa/Gravy: IDR 30,000
  • Ifu Noodle: IDR 30,000
  • Lo Noodle: IDR 30,000
  • Fried Capcay / Soup: IDR 40,000
  • Fuyunghai: IDR 40,000
  • Sapo Tofu: IDR 45,000
  • Angsio Tofu: IDR 30,000
  • Mun Tahu: IDR 30,000
  • Ball Room: IDR 30,000
  • To Pak Lay: IDR 30,000
  • To Kian Ja: IDR 30,000

Vegetable Menu

  • You Plain: IDR 20,000
  • Kailan Cha Chicken: IDR 25,000
  • Kailan Seafood: IDR 30,000
  • Plain Kangkung: IDR 15,000
  • Kangkung Cha Chicken: IDR 20,000
  • Kangkung Seafood: IDR 25,000


  • Fresh Tea (Hot/Ice): IDR 3,000
  • Sweet tea (Hot/Ice): IDR 4,000
  • Bottled Tea: IDR 5,000
  • Oranges (Hot/Ice): IDR 6,000
  • Saparila Ice: IDR 10,000
  • Milk Ice Soda: IDR 15,000
  • Sekoteng: IDR 6,000

The Moro Seneng Special Bakmi Kakap restaurant is open daily from 10.00-21.00. Are you interested in trying this legendary culinary delight?

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