Motomoto: Art Museum in Tangerang
A truly vibrant museum
28 Mar 2022

The Motomoto Art Museum and Resto at QBIG, BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia can fulfill your need for amazing Instagramable posts while also enjoying some delicious food.

Motomoto Museum entrance /
Motomoto Museum entrance / Wonderful Indonesia

Officially opened on April 26, 2019 at QBIG, located on Jalan BSD Raya Utama, BSD City, Tangerang. Motomoto was founded by Boy William (a well-known Indonesian actor) and his two co-founders, Rudi and Teddy Blue. This 3000 square meter area serves as an Art Museum as well as a restaurant.

Unique property in one of the rooms in Motomoto /
Unique property in one of the rooms in Motomoto / Wonderful Indonesia

The museum has a total of 23 interactive spaces, each featuring a unique art installation by various Indonesian artists. Among the artists whose art is exhibited at the museum are Erwin Windu Pratama, Sembilan Matahari, Amenkcoy, Rebellionik, Naufal Abshar, Mulyana, and Muklay.

Visitors take pictures in Motomoto /
Visitors take pictures in Motomoto / Wonderful Indonesia

The unique art installations displayed in each room will make visitors feel like they are accessing a different world every time they enter the room. One room displays the nuances of Indonesian batik rich culture in black and white, the other room displays a combination of bold colors, then the room has a pleasant underwater nuance, a cloudy room and a rainy feel.

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