Nasi Minyak: Most Popular Surabaya’s Street Foods

Nasi Minyak is known as one of the most delicious duck rice in Surabaya.
24 Oct 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
The Duck Rice / @surabayafoodies
The Duck Rice / @surabayafoodies

If you're on vacation in Surabaya, it's incomplete if you haven't explored the various culinary destinations in this city. For those who like spicy food, there is a culinary spot in Surabaya that is known to be unique and has a tangy taste. Nasi Minyak, or Duck Rice BRI, is one of Surabaya's most delicious duck rice.

The Duck Rice here is cooked with spices for several hours and immediately fried when diners order it. The duck rice menu here is served with chili sauce and the typical black spices processed by Madura's Duck.

Then, why is it called Nasi Minyak? This is because the cooking oil content is quite a lot in a portion of rice. As a result, this duck rice stall is more popular than Nasi Minyak and is a favorite destination for dinner in Surabaya.


Nasi Minyak is located on Jalan Mojopahit and close to St. Louis 1 High School. Because of its location on the side of the road, visitors need to find a strategic parking area around this food stall.

Menu List and Opening Hours

The Duck Rice / Hendi Sanjaya
The Duck Rice / Hendi Sanjaya

What are the menus in Nasi Minyak? You can choose a variety of side dishes, such as duck, chicken, and offal which are directly fried in hot oil. You can also order more vegetables and fried cabbage to complement the Nasi Oil menu. A serving of nasi minyak ranges from IDR 18,000-IDR 25,000.

Nasi Minyak stall is open daily from 19.00-23.00. For those who want to dine in directly at this stall, it is recommended to come earlier because there are only a few tables and benches available to eat. However, if you don't have time to go directly, all the menus here can be ordered through the online delivery application.

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