Moerni 78: Legendary Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Moerni 78 is a legendary culinary place in Yogyakarta and will bring you back to the 1980’s era.
5 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Warung Moerni 78 /
Warung Moerni 78 / Moerni 78

Yogyakarta is back with a million charms and culinary destinations that you can't just miss. One of the places that you must visit in Yogyakarta is Moerni 78. Moerni 78 restaurant is a legendary culinary place in Yogyakarta and will bring you nostalgia back to the 1980's era.

Planning to come to Moerni 78 Yogyakarta? Here is the full review!

History of Moerni 78

Food in Moerni 78 /
Food in Moerni 78 / moerni78

Moerni 78 was established in 1978 and is now being handed on by their third generation. Initially, this restaurant used the number 83 based on their building number, but because many thought this number was the year it was founded, it finally changed to Moerni 78.

Moerni 78 Jogja still maintains the same interior design from time to time. This makes anyone who is in this restaurant feel a nostalgic atmosphere for the 1980s.


Pricelist, Menu, and Opening Hours

Processed ice menus dominate the menu at Moerni 78, as also traditional Indonesian food. One of the menus you must try when you are here is the Complete Bistik and Mixed Ice, which is a favorite of many visitors. Here are the menu prices at the latest Moerni 78:

Harga Menu di Moerni 78 /
Harga Menu di Moerni 78 / fotomenujogja

Moerni 78 restaurant is open daily from 09.00-21.00, with the last order time at 20.15 WIB. Are you interested in trying the nostalgic menu at Moerni 78?

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