Mie Pinangsia Tenggilis: Established Since 1968

Curious about what menus are there at Mie Pinangsia in Surabaya? Check out more information below!
12 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Pinangsia Noodle / @foo.ga
Pinangsia Noodle / @foo.ga

Surabaya is also known to have a legendary noodle culinary in the Rungkut area, Mie Pinangsia. This noodle has been around since 1968 and is now managed by the next generation. The most famous and favorite menu here is the Chicken Noodle with Mushroom and the Boiled Dumplings, which have a strong spice taste.

Curious about what menus are there at Mie Pinangsia Surabaya? Check out more information below!


Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Pinangsia Noodle / @ricohelenstory
Pinangsia Noodle / @ricohelenstory

Mie Pinangsia uses 3 types of noodle choices that you can choose according to your taste: Yamie, Ordinary Noodles, and Lamie. Here are the complete differences between the three:

  • Yamie: is a noodle served with a sweet black sauce (made from sweet soy sauce).
  • Lamie: are noodles that are then pulled to length after being kneaded. Lamian usually has a chewier texture than ordinary noodles.
  • Ordinary Noodles: made from wheat flour and has a texture that is easier to break & crumble.

The following is a list of the menus in Mie Pinangsia Tenggilis:


  • Noodles/Yamie/Chicken Lamie: IDR 12,000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Lamie Dumplings: IDR 15,000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Lamie Bakso: IDR 15,000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Lamie Complete: IDR 18.000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Special Lamie: IDR 22,000
  • Mie/Yamie/Mushroom Chicken Lamie: IDR 16.000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Lamie Eggs: IDR 15,000
  • Noodles/Yamie/Lamie Ayam Ca Siu: IDR 16.000

Additional Menu

  • Ca Siu + Mushroom: IDR 5,000
  • Eggs, Dumplings, Meatballs: IDR 4,000
  • Jumbo Portion: IDR 2,000
  • Soup/Fried Dumplings: IDR 14,000
  • Meatball soup: IDR 11,000
  • Wet/Fried Siomay: IDR 14,000
  • Kwetiau/Vermicelli Dumplings: IDR 18.00
  • Special Chicken Team Rice: IDR 14,000
  • Bakmoy Rice: IDR 14,000

Mie Pinangsia is open every day from 09.00-19.30 but can close sooner if all the noodle stocks here are sold out. To avoid long queues, the right time to visit Mie Pinangsia is before lunchtime.

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