Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo: Most Delicious Bangka Noodles in Yogyakarta!

Let's try Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo which is a legendary culinary destination in Yogyakarta that you must try!
27 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Mie Ayam Bangka / @ceritamakan
Mie Ayam Bangka / @ceritamakan

Are you looking for culinary Bangka chicken noodles in Yogyakarta? You can visit the Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo stall in Gamping. Bangka Noodles are known as traditional culinary from Bangka.

This place is famous for its delicious and delicious Bangka noodles. The favorite menu here is the Bangka chicken noodles and boiled dumplings which are the target of many visitors.

Curious about Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo? Check out the latest info below!


Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Mie Ayam Bangka / @gendut_kulineran
Mie Ayam Bangka / @gendut_kulineran

Here are the menu prices at the latest Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo:


  • Regular Chicken Noodles: IDR 10,000
  • Mie Ayam Dumpling: IDR 12,000
  • Mie Ayam Bakso: IDR 15,000
  • Complete Chicken Noodle: IDR 18.000
  • Regular Jumbo Chicken Noodles: IDR 15,000
  • Jumbo Chicken Noodle Dumpling: IDR 18.000
  • Jumbo Meatball Chicken Noodles: IDR 21,000
  • Complete Jumbo Chicken Noodle: IDR 24,000
  • Ordinary Chicken Kwetiau: IDR 10,000
  • Kwetiau Chicken Dumplings: IDR 13,000
  • Kwetiau Chicken Meatballs: IDR 16.000
  • Complete Chicken Kwetiau: IDR 19,000
  • Regular Jumbo Chicken Kwetiau: IDR 17,000
  • Jumbo Chicken Kwetiau Dumplings: IDR 20,000
  • Jumbo Meatball Chicken Kwetiau: IDR 23,000
  • Complete Jumbo Chicken Kwetiau: IDR 26.000
  • Meatball Soup: IDR 12,000


  • Sweet Tea (Iced/Hot): IDR 3,000
  • Orange (Ice/Hot): IDR 3,000
  • Fresh Tea (Iced/Hot): IDR 2,000
  • Ice Water: IDR 1,000

The opening hours of Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo start at 09.00 daily and close whenever the noodle supplies run out. So, make sure you come early to be able to try Mie Ayam Bangka Pak Apo.

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