Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles: Savouring Penang's Legendary Dish in Medan

Discover more about the mouthwatering Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles and satisfy your curiosity about this delicious dish!
21 Mar 2023 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles — Medan is a culinary paradise with a wide variety of tasty dishes. Mei Mei Shrimp Noodle is a must-try dish among the many popular culinary delights in this city. Its authentic and delicious taste has made it well-known throughout Medan. Are you curious about Mei Mei Shrimp Noodle? Read on for more information!


Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles Madras Hulu, Medan Polonia, Medan

Mei Mei Shrimp Noodle is housed in an unassuming, signless shop, which can be misleading for first-time customers searching for it. Despite its simple and old-school atmosphere, this eatery is famous for its delicious and authentic prawn noodles in Medan.


Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles / @makanmama
Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles / @makanmama
Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles / @makanmama
Mei Mei Shrimp Noodles / @makanmama

So, what's the secret behind the popularity of Mei Mei Prawn Noodle? First of all, the prawn noodles served in this humble eatery are known for their rich, spicy taste and authentic prawn broth that has been simmered for hours. While it doesn't contain sliced pork, the noodles fall into the non-halal category since pork bones are used to enhance the flavor.

A single serving of prawn noodles here is quite generous, making it a filling lunch option. For those who enjoy a bit of heat, the spiciness level can be adjusted to your liking. Apart from the signature shrimp noodle dish, Mei Mei also serves other mouthwatering dishes such as fried ci cong fan.

Having been around for decades, Mei Mei's loyal customers keep coming back for more every day. To avoid the long queue, you can even order your meal beforehand through the owner's Whatsapp.

Opening hours

Mei Mei Shrimp Noodle stall operates daily from 07.00-14.00, but they tend to close early due to the high demand for their menu. Therefore, it's advisable to arrive early in the morning to secure a queue slot and taste the delicious prawn noodles at this place. This is a review of one of the most famous culinary delights in Medan, which can be a new reference for your culinary adventure.

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