Malino Highlands in Gowa | Entrance Ticket, Opening Hour, Location

Malino Highlands Tourism has various rides and areas you can explore, starting from the natural tourist area of pine forests.
20 Oct 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Malino Highlands / @pratamasanjung
Malino Highlands / @pratamasanjung

Gowa is one of the areas in South Sulawesi known for its various beautiful natural tourist destinations. Of this district's many natural tourist destinations, you must visit Malino Highlands, which is located in Pattapang. This place is a one-stop vacation for those looking for family tourism and is near Makassar. Its location in the highlands makes Malino Highlands the right choice to spend a weekend off. Want to know more about Malino Highlands? Come on, see the complete information below!




The following are some of the facilities that you can find at Malino Highlands:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Restaurant
  • Green House
  • Strawberry Garden
  • Villas
  • Mini Zoo


Malino Highlands / @kantinova
Malino Highlands / @kantinova
Malino Highlands / @nursamsicaa
Malino Highlands / @nursamsicaa

Malino Highlands Tourism has various rides and areas you can explore, starting from the natural tourist area of pine forests and strawberry gardens to the mini zoo available in this place. Tourists can freely explore various tourist points in Malino Highlands, such as the following:

1. Pine Forest

The favorite place visitors visit is the pine forest area, which is still beautiful and natural. Here you can feel the relaxed and cold atmosphere because the temperature in this area can reach 10 °C. You can take photos from various angles by showing a lush pine forest as a photo background.

2. Tea Garden

Malino Highlands is surrounded by tea gardens with an area of up to hundreds of hectares at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. For those of you who come in the morning, you can see the sunrise from this area. Visitors can also freely walk around the tea garden area for selfies or take a leisurely stroll.

3. Restaurant & Cafe

Malino Highlands tourism is complemented by the presence of a restaurant that has a variety of Indonesian food menus and also western food. The view from this restaurant also shows a stretch of green tea gardens that stretch as far as the eye can see.

4. Mini Zoo

Malino Highlands / @mirarilangi
Malino Highlands / @mirarilangi

For those who bring children to Malino Highlands, there is a mini zoo area that you can visit. You can see and feed some of the animals in Malino Highlands under the supervision of officers. Furthermore, the manager of Malino Highlands also provides horse rides for children and adults to go around the tourist area and tea gardens.

4. Green House Taman Bunga

The last spot that is a favorite of visitors is the Green House area which contains a colorful flower garden. Not only suitable for taking pictures, but you can also even buy all the variants of flowers planted in this garden to take home.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Malino Highlands / @nrkiky_
Malino Highlands / @nrkiky_

For those who are planning to come to Malino Highlands soon, here is the latest information regarding the price of the entrance ticket:

  • Adult Weekday Entrance Ticket: IDR 50,000
  • Children's Weekday Entrance Ticket: IDR 25,000
  • Adult Weekend Entrance Ticket: IDR 65,000
  • Children's Weekend Entrance Ticket: IDR 35,000
  • Motorcycle Parking: IDR 10,000
  • Car Parking: IDR 30,000
  • Bus Parking: IDR 50,000

Malino Highlands Tour is open daily from 08.00-17.00 on weekdays and from 07.00-18.00 on weekends. Remember to capture every moment you have while in Malino Highlands. So what are you waiting for? It's time to arrange your holiday schedule with family and children right now!

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