Magnificence of Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Watching dolphin and diving in the sea on Lampung
18 Mar 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar

One of Indonesia's marine tourism spot is located in Tenggamus, Lampung. Yes, this is Kiluan Bay. The view of the beach is very pleasing to the eye and the dolphins on the high seas make this place an interesting tourist destination to visit.

Gigi Hiu (Shark Tooth) Beach in Kiluan Bay /
Gigi Hiu (Shark Tooth) Beach in Kiluan Bay /

Kiluan Bay Tickets and Open Hours

Kiluan Bay operating hours are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

However, light at the roads is still not available, so you should come when the sun is still shining.

The costs that must be incurred when visiting Kiluan Bay are as follows:

  • Entrance ticket to Kiluan Bay is IDR 5,000
  • Boat rental IDR 15,000 per person
  • The price of a tour guide is around IDR 50,000

Where To Stay?

Exciting Tours and Activities in Kiluan Bay

1. Watching Dolphins

Play with dolphins in Kiluan Bay /
Play with dolphins in Kiluan Bay / @telukkiluanlampung

It's not complete if you visit Kiluan Bay without seeing a herd of dolphins. Kiluan Bay is a migration route for bottlenose and long-beaked dolphins. There are tens or even hundreds of dolphins that pass through these waters every day.

There is a special time if you want to watch them swim, which is in the morning around 06 to 10 am. While in the afternoon around 4 to 5 pm.

To watch a herd of Dolphins swim, you must first rent a boat and it will also be equipped with a life jacket.

2. Visit Kelapa Island at Kiluan Island

After watching a herd of dolphins swim directly, continue your journey by heading to Kelapa Island or Kiluan Island. Here you can snorkel to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs.

Pulau Kelapa at Pulau Kiluan / erawisata
Pulau Kelapa at Pulau Kiluan / erawisata

3. Swimming in Laguna Gayau

Behind the hill of Teluk Kiluan, there is a unique swimming location, namely Laguna Gayau or Laguna Dodo. The pool is formed from amazing coral rocks with clear pool water, there are several natural pools with varying depths as well.

This location is also adjacent to Gigi Hiu beach which has a line of coral rocks that seem to emerge from the earth.

Laguna Gayau in Kiluan Bay / dailyvoyagers
Laguna Gayau in Kiluan Bay / dailyvoyagers

Where to stay?

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